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This week in Horror movie history, back on May 25, 1979, Alien hit theaters just days prior to the unofficial start of summer. There are a handful of films that come to mind when asked what truly defines a genre, the now legendary film Alien is one of the (More...)

Heartbreaking does not even begin to cover it. Outlander has always handled themes a bit differently, allowing its audience to experience and connect to the emotions of its characters at a deeply personal level, never shying away from the bad and the ugly (More...)

On May 1st of 1981, Paramount Pictures delivered their sequel to the major success Horror film Friday the 13th. Coming a year after the original film’s release, the follow-up project grossed one million dollars more than its predecessor opening week (More...)

In the year 2016, there can be nothing more refreshing than a Heavy Metal band that has been in existence since the early eighties, yet continually grows their fanbase and gets better and better with each album. With eight studio albums under their belt, (More...)

English Singer-Songwriter Beth Orton has been spreading beautiful music to the world since her 1996 debut LP Trailer Park. An accomplished artist, Orton’s popularity grew upon the release of 1999′s Central Reservation, and furthermore in 2002 (More...)

There is something very romantic about Italy’s Lacuna Coil. Their music has always held a Gothic quality, predominantly heightened by the powerful and haunting vocals of Cristina Scabbia. And like the captivating city of Milan, where the band began (More...)

Begun back in 2012 by former Woe, Is Me vocalist Tyler Carter, the Atlanta, Georgia based band Issues has made an impact in a short span of time. Initially bringing along other former Woe, Is Me bandmates Michael Bohn (clean/unclean vocalist), Corey Ferr (More...)

Out of the sunshine state of Florida comes a group of musicians who are full of passion and raw talent, they call themselves Sleeping with Sirens. Formed in 2009, the band has been labeled everything from Post-Hardcore, to Alternative Rock, to a Pop Rock (More...)

The early 1980′s saw not only a slew of Slasher films, but also a resurgence of the ravenous Werewolf in films like 1981′s An American Werewolf in London and 1984′s The Company of Wolves. One of the best films of the Werewolf subgenr (More...)

Coming into its second half of the season, BBC America’s Orphan Black aired its sixth episode, titled The Scandal of Altruism, on May 19, 2016. With this episode came a lot of interesting ideas on how the season could possibly end and even more rea (More...)