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Wednesday 13 has made quite a name for himself as a rocker who combines tongue-in-cheek Horror themed lyrics, a Heavy Metal sound, and a Punk Rock attitude unlike anyone else, all rolled into one tight knit package. Beginning early on with acts like Psy (More...)

American singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon has lived quite an interesting life to this point in time. Discovering his love for writing music from a young age, his first band eventually became known to the mainstream world as Something Corporate. After tour (More...)

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Alternative Rock outfit Kingswood have been building a name for themselves over the course of the last decade.   After playing gigs around Australia, several national festivals, and supporting mega acts like Grinspoon, (More...)

This week in horrow movie history back on Janurary 28th in 1981 Blood Beach made its theatrical debut in the USA. The film was co-written and directed by Jeffrey Bloom (Nightmares 1983, Flowers in the Attic 1987, both of which he also wrote and directed) (More...)

It has been eleven years since the Munich based band, Eisbrecher, became an authority in the German Electro-Rock scene. German for the word “icebreaker,” Eisbrecher has continuously working hard performed on European festivals such as Mera Lun (More...)

August 7, 1989: fans were standing behind L’amour in Brooklyn, New York with cassettes in hand outside the tour bus of an new exciting band named Extreme. This band had a unique style which combined Hard Rock and Funk, great harmonies, a killer guit (More...)

Painkiller is the latest psychological Horror movie short by Jerry Janda (Baggage 2013), who also stars in the film as the Suited Man or Man 2. Released in the United States on October 18th, 2014 by Action Media Productions, Painkiller is directed by Je (More...)

Metal Allegiance, loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. It once seemed as unattainable as a dream. One remembers waking up in a cold sweat with a vision of all of his or her favorite Metal moguls wo (More...)

British Electro songstress La Roux released her sophomore album, Trouble in Paradise, on July 18th, 2014, and it became an immediate summer classic.  Trouble in Paradise, with the album cover alone, sets the tone for the musical aesthetic of the album (More...)

Laughter is something everyone can find comfort in while pushing through the stress of everyday life. While some enjoy basking in the jokes, others enjoy creating them, and New Jersey native Jim Norton has been doing such since his teenage years. Beginnin (More...)