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Artistic expression is uncompromising, true to the creator’s vision and ability to take risks. Standing by her instincts, while expanding her horizons along the way, Pop icon Cyndi Lauper has built a career in music that has spanned over thirty year (More...)

In recent years, Western style films have been making a comeback in a big way. That said, on September 23, 2016, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures released one of the most iconic, action-packed Western/Action films of the year, The Magnificent Sev (More...)

Sometimes the end of one story ushers in the beginnings of something bigger. In 2009, Los Angeles, California’s Dawes rose from the ashes of Post Punk band Simon Dawes. Formed after the departure of Co-Songwriter Blake Mills, the door was open for (More...)

In times where it seems the world’s events keep getting progressively worse, everyone is looking for a glimmer of hope. Thankfully, salvation from madness can be found in the haven known as music, and the Rock band known as Skillet are living proof. (More...)

Holding some of the best talent for decades now, California is home to an abundance of the world’s most incredible art; although it takes form in all kinds, music claims the large majority. For Cali band Touché Amoré, 2007 brought even more talent to (More...)

By 1986, the Slasher craze was fizzling out, but that did not stop studios from going back to the almost barren well for material. That in mind, on November 14th of 1986, one of those beloved last ditch effort Slashers, Slaughter High, hit theaters. Star (More...)

Singer/Songwriter/Actor under the stage name Meat Loaf has been a major player on the Rock scene for over four decades now. Known for his booming voice and larger-than-life stage presence, many look to his work as Rock Operas, and that goes all the way ba (More...)

Today XLrator Media and Blue Fox Entertainment  have announced a distribution agreement to jointly distribute fifteen films a year across all North American platforms, including a number of co-acquisitions. In addition, Blue Fox Entertainment (BFE) will (More...)

Everyone has hopes and aspirations in life. Born and raised in Southern California, Vicki Peterson’s dreams were that of a Rock-n-Roll fantasy, a fantasy that became a reality with The Bangles. Deriving inspiration from female Rock Stars that came b (More...)

On September 16th, Time Life invited music lovers to front row seats for Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Live – Volume 2, a 180 gram “ticket” to the very best performances and all-star jams from the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction (More...)