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Rush is in a league all their own. Many have tried to follow but few have been able to come close. Originally formed in Canada in 1968, their musical style has changed throughout their forty-five plus year career, but what has not changed since 1974 is th (More...)

During the rise of the Grunge Rock movement out of Seattle Washington, a band with something different emerged. That band came when Candlebox hit the scene with their Bluesy and classic Hard Rock sound. While some have considered them as Post-Grunge, labe (More...)

Now a days, remakes are a dime a dozen. There has been so many in the last few years, with filmmakers recreating movies that were already amazing to begin with, seemingly walking away from original material on principle. However, there are some good rema (More...)

Crown Jwlz’s appearance may be misleading as she sits on her throne, looking like a California beach babe; a pretty blonde that started her career as a young Punk lover from Dallas, Texas and migrated to Los Angeles, California to pursue her Rock-n- (More...)

Previously known as Emily’s Army, Californian Punk band SWMRS (pronounced “swimmers”) formed twelve years ago in 2004 when Frontman/Guitarist Cole Becker and Drummer Joey Armstrong were just nine years old. Cole’s eleven-year-old bass-playing brot (More...)

Following up on the success of 2013’s Horror film All Hallows’ Eve, comes a new tale in the form of All Hallows’ Eve 2. Again in anthology style, the latest installment’s wraparound segment was written and directed by Jesse Baget (Misc (More...)

British born Rock band The Cult have attained quite an extensive history in the world of Rock-n-Roll. A huge influence of a plethora of genres over the course of their career including Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Metal, Hard Rock and Blues, it seems no matter (More...)

The year 2016 marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of arguably one of the greatest Slasher films ever made. That film was released on February 11th,1981 and it was called My Bloody Valentine. Just in time for the lover’s holiday of Valentine’s (More...)

Few names in Hard Rock history have stuck out and have enjoyed longevity the way that Blue Öyster Cult has. Originating on Long Island, NY, the band many call pioneers of Heavy Metal have been making Blue Öyster Cult a household name since 1971. Debu (More...)

The Abandoned, originally titled The Confines, is a 2015 Horror/Mystery Thriller starring Louisa Krause (Young Adult 2011, King Kelly 2012) and Jason Patric (The Lost Boys 1987, Speed 2: Cruise Control 1997).  Written by Ido Fluk and directed by Eytan R (More...)