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On the night before Thanksgiving of any given year, most residents of New York are either rushing to get out of town for the extended holiday weekend to spend time with their families and friends or prepping for the big meal the next day. In 2015, there (More...)

Since coming on the scene as vocalist of Punk Rock legends Misfits, Glen Danzig has been one of the most recognized voices and faces in Rock over the past three plus decades. Rising from the ashes of Glen Danzig’s former band, Samhain, New Jersey-based (More...)

Continuing on in the Evil Dead franchise is a STARZ original series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Currently in its first season, with season two already confirmed, the show is set in the same universe as the classic movies. Bruce Campbell reprises his role as stubb (More...)

Who would have thought that fame could be deadly? Stephen King, that is who. Twenty-five years ago, Misery, the movie based on the 1987 novel by the world famous Horror maestro, was released on November 30, 1990 through Castle Rock Entertainment. Directed (More...)

Music legend King Diamond has blackened the Heavy Metal scene for thirty years with his band, King Diamond. Originally of the band Mercyful Fate, King Diamond helped establish his darkened style by incorporating a corpse painted face, becoming his signatu (More...)

If anything can be said about Pentagram mainstay Bobby Liebling, it is that he has the perseverance and patience of a saint. Since the band’s inception in 1971, he has not given up on his Heavy Metal dream. Over the years, the Alexandria, Virginia based (More...)

With Country music steadily on the rise for sometime now, fans of the genre are starting to see a new sub-genre lovingly referred to as “Bro-Country” amongst a new generation of fans. The phrase, originally coined by Jody Rosen of New York Ma (More...)

By now, enthusiasts of New Wave, and Alternative Rock in general, should already know who Kate Pierson is. However, for the sake of the uninitiated, the multi-instrumentalist Pierson is the lead female vocalist of The B-52s. This pioneering and long-runni (More...)

Although Rock band Linkin Park was  active prior to the year 2000, it was not until then that their popularity soared. With the release of their debut album on October 24, 2000, they broke boundaries within three different Metal sub-genres: Nu Metal, Rap (More...)

Breaking into the music scene in 2009, Highly Suspect brings a gritty, Prog-Rock style that is laden with an angsty, Blues sound. In their hometown of Cape Cod, high school friends Johnny Stevens and twins brothers, Ryan and Richard Meyer, got their start (More...)