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This week in Horror movie history, back on June 22, 2007, the psychological Horror film 1408 premiered in theaters across the USA. Based on a short story of the same name, by terror icon Stephen King (Carrie 1974, The Shining 1977), the adaptation was by (More...)

Off with his head! That was the foreshadowing we were given in the opening moments of STARZ Outlander’s eleventh episode, Vengeance is Mine, as fans watched a powdered wig fall. And, like that wig, a head did fall in the final moments of an episode whe (More...)

The summer season is always prime time for many bands to tour. With that said, some of Rock-n-Roll’s most important contributors, Joe Walsh and Bad Company, announced their co-headlining One Hell Of A Night Tour to take place over the course of May (More...)

The Appalachian Mountains has provided the perfect environment for many Horror movies, and it does so again in latest released film Beacon Point. Premiering on June 10th, 2016 in the United States, filming took place in Dahlonega, Georgia, with the events (More...)

“So Long, Farewell” is the bittersweet proclamation from Pop Punk band Motion City Soundtrack as they embark on their final tour. Coming after nineteen years of hard work, which garnered six studio albums, heavy touring, but most of all, created a lot (More...)

Sweden’s Grimner has been leading a charge following the release of their sophomore album Frost Mot Eld. Unleashed via Despotz Records back in February, the album exemplifies the band’s progress and could be their most complete offering to d (More...)

Many youth had Rock-n-Roll fantasies back in the day, wailing away on air guitar, belting out our favorite song in the car, or daydreaming during a less than exciting lecture in school. But how many of them get to live out these dreams? Growing up in a mi (More...)

The explosive season finale episode of Orphan Black, entitled From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths, airing on June 16, 2016 left the fans with both an unnerving cliffhanger and a bittersweet ending. Many surprises came to light when fan-favorite characters ma (More...)

How does one speak about Singer-Songwriter Blaze Bayley without mentioning Iron Maiden? The answer is that it is a nearly impossible mission because, sadly, the casual listener would not even know of Bayley if it were not for his five year contribution to (More...)

Anything worth achieving takes a mass of hard work. An old school motto of the USA, while much of the new generation often walk around looking for hand outs, Arizona based band American Standards rather earn their due. Come together back in 2011, their mu (More...)