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After beginning their career as Mighty Joe Young, Stone Temple Pilots were inspired by the STP motor oil stickers, and different variations of the S, T and P initials were tried on for size, including Shirley Temple’s Pussy and Stereo Temple Pirate (More...)

One might think they would have all of the answers if they were ever a teenager in a bullying situation – fight back, tell someone, ignore it all. One might even think that they would never find themselves in that situation because they do not fit (More...)

Inside the endless cauldron of recorded music, there are genres and sub genres aplenty. Our brains’ proclivity toward organization and labeling causes us to want to define the visions of these artists into our own personal indices, marked and tagged (More...)

Zombies are one of the most popular sub-genres when it comes to Indie Horror films. If done right, the makeup and effects do not have to be elaborate and Zombies can fit into any setting. Finding original stories involving the undead, however, proves to b (More...)

Talented young Producer, Director, Photographer and activist, Natalie Bible (Developing Her 2010, Bump 2015), directs her first feature film with the release of Horror film Windsor Drive. Bible aims to make a difference through all forms of her art, and i (More...)

When one thinks of accomplished music journalists of the past two decades, chances are Matt Pinfield comes to mind. Always having a deep, passionate love for music, Pinfield began his journey at a young age as a disc jockey and working at radio stations. (More...)

The British Rock scene has always been one of the biggest producers of impactful bands dating back to over forty years ago. Whether it be the British Invasion led by bands like The Beatles and Rolling Stones in the ’60s, Progressive Rock movement in (More...)

The Finnish Metal scene has been perhaps one of the most surprising havens for talented bands over the past two decades. While of course bands like HIM, Nightwish, and Children of Bodom have taken mainstream spotlight internationally, fans in the know are (More...)

Art in its many facets has been recognized by many through history as a form of therapy. One really does not need a doctorate degree to see its effects on the masses art has brought peace to a chaotic mind, the mending it brings to a broken heart, or even (More...)

Rising out of the darkness, Children of Bodom rushed into the musical world in 1993. Formed in Espoo, Finland, the band consisted of three talented musicians originally under the name Inearthed including Alexi Laiho on vocals and guitar, Samuli Miettinen (More...)