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Anyone growing up in the 1980s listening to Hard Rock had their world turned upside when Guns N’ Roses burst onto the scene in the latter part of the decade with the legendary 1987 album, Appetite for Destruction. Although their classic lineup has (More...)

It has been quite a journey for Sweden’s Amaranthe over the past four years. Initially forming under the name Avalanche some six years ago, the band went from decent success in Swedish, Japanese, and Finnish charts with their 2011 self-titled debut (More...)

In a music industry where there are so many artists pressured into following a formula, there are those which resist and follow their own path. UK based singer-songerwriter Pryti began her journey some four years ago into the world of Rock-n-Roll. Differe (More...)

The assertion of many music journalists that the English band Blur were among the instigators of what became known as Britpop music is not an exaggeration. Yes, there were surely bands that had been concocting similar, if not the same, styles heavily infl (More...)

New Wave’s widely regarded ground zero was the 1970s, via the music of bands like Roxy Music, Blondie, and The Cars. Born in Southampton, Hampshire, England, on February 23, 1955, Howard Jones has long been regarded as one of the spearheaders and purve (More...)

Pittsburgh, PA’s Anti-Flag believe that Rock-N-Roll does not have to be shallow escapism, that strong messages can and should be conveyed through entertainment, thrusting them to the forefront, so people had to take notice. Formed in 1988 by singer (More...)

Zombie movies have been a staple of American Horror since the 1968 George A Romero classic Night of the Living Dead graced the silver screen. Since then, Zombie movies have tried to mimic the terror that Romero unleashed upon unsuspecting audiences, and a (More...)

During the 1990s, two of the most successful Alternative Rock bands around were Toad the Wet Sprocket and Tonic. They have combined for thirteen chart topping singles through the years and helped inspire a generation of young songwriters. While each band (More...)

The year was 1995, and Anthology films were very few and far in between. Even when one did manage to come to the box office, it seemed that the creativity and worthiness to fellow enthusiasts was scarce. That wass until May 24th, 1995, when a sleeper cult (More...)

Historically, the number one motivation for a musician to follow his or her dream, is based off of their influences and role models. Blues is the essential element to Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Heavy Metal. A Blues legend once said, “I don’t think anyb (More...)