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Life is full of surprises and through the journey, we find sometimes that it is never too late to go home.   For Chicago-based, alternative metal band Soil, it took seven years before reuniting with original vocalist Ryan McCombs in 2011.  What appeared (More...)

Despite what some will tell you, the horror film genre is still alive and kicking. Recently released on DVD April 15th, Camp Dread is living proof of some good old fashion horror entertainment. Written and directed by Harrison Smith (6 Degrees of Hell 201 (More...)

On April 16th of 2013, Spacehog returned with their long awaited fourth album As It Is On Earth.   Marking the band’s first album in a decade, As It Is On Earth, features production by Bryce Goggin, who also produced their first two albums. Anticip (More...)

Memphis May Fire are one of the biggest bands in the metalcore scene right now, making their latest record Unconditional highly anticipated by their immense following. The Rise Records band has been rocking crowds and polishing their style since 2004, mak (More...)

During the 1980′s the horror film scene was booming with a long list of popular and successful new releases.  With this also came a crop of fresh actors bursting onto the big screen.  The talented and young Stephen Geoffreys started to grab attent (More...)

In 2009, the alternative rock giant known as Live announced a two year hiatus.  The following year lead vocalist Ed Kowalczyk released a successful debut solo album titled Alive.  Surprising to all, also in 2010 it was announced the hiatus for Live was (More...)

Till The Last Breath is an undiscovered, fresh-faced band in the metalcore scene. The Italian group originated in Brescia in 2010, and now consists of Nicola Bicego (unclean vocals), Alessandro Larini (bass/vocals), Leonardo Piovanelli (guitar), Alessandr (More...)

Formed in 1998, Swedish death-thrashers Darkane are back with their sixth death-cudgel, The Sinister Supremacy.  This comes five years after their last album Demonic Art (2008), and is the first studio recording with original vocalist Lawrence Mackror (More...)

20th Century Fox have unveiled the third and final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film is directed by Bryan Singer and comes as one of the most anticipated films of the summer being released on May 23rd. Watch the trailer below:

Recognized as one of the UK’s most cherished and critically acclaimed rock bands, ANATHEMA have pulled back the curtains on their boldest and most dynamic album to date, distant satellites, which is due out in the U.S. on June 10th. Today, the band has (More...)