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Many would call Italy the motherland of Horror cinema. Graced with a broad range of legendary filmmakers ranging from Mario Bava, to Lucio Fulci, to Dario Argento, the country has left its mark on the genre over the course of time. Founder of Industrial S (More...)

George Ezra never thought that it would be his obsession with Bob Dylan that would give him a musical edge. Born George Ezra Barnett in Herford, England, this twenty-one year old with a velvety smooth, bass-baritone voice started listening to Dylan at an (More...)

The British Rock scene was lush and reeked of potential after the Clash and the Sex Pistols graced London. The sheer number of musical acts that claimed to be inspired to start a band upon seeing the Pistols perform live is staggering alone. The future wa (More...)

It is not very often that horror movies are set in the Middle East. However, the latest offering by Exxodus Pictures, Jinn, released on April 14th, 2014, sets to change all that. Written and directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad (Its a Mismatch 2009, My Soul t (More...)

Berlin, Germany based Keluar were formed in January 2013 by composer/producer Jonas Förster, aka Sid Lamar, responsible for electronics and compositions for Schwefelgelb, and vocalist/lyricist Alison Lewis, aka Zoè Zanias, formerly of Linea Aspera. Divi (More...)

Many would turn to the Scandinavian landscape of Sweden when the term Melodic Death Metal comes up in conversation. Dubbed the Gothenburg Scene during the mid 1990s, many bands left their mark, helping forge the modern sound known today. Among those music (More...)

Warming up Long Islanders during what has been a bitter cold winter, on the weekend of January 16th-18th, the first annual NY Horror Show came to Upsky Long Island Hotel in Brentwood, NY for a bloody good time. Commenced by the Friday night’s high (More...)

Many know that the film industry can be cut-throat, but just exactly how much? An up and coming Horror film director may do anything to make a name for themselves in such a world of kill or be killed, so to say. Cut!, the Indie Fest award winner film, won (More...)

Anyone who has followed the development of Korean-American singer-songwriter Dia Frampton knows she is a unique talent. Originally part of five-piece band Meg & Dia, Frampton made an impression back in 2011 during the first season of the show The Voi (More...)

At just one year after their very first studio session, Metal super-group Serious Black released their first album, As Daylight Breaks, on January 16, 2015 (U. S. release: January 20, 2105). The band consists of guitarists Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Hello (More...)