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California Metal band Huntress kicked off their tour with Avatar, Gemini Syndrome, and First Decree on August 26th. Sadly, today lead vocalist Jill Janus announced due to healing complications from uterine cancer surgery Huntress will have to withdraw fr (More...)

Few tours in 2015 have generated the buzz of powerhouses Incubus and Deftones. In one corner there is Calabasas, California multi-platinum selling band, Incubus. While Incubus’s first record Fungus Amongus debuted in 1995, the band erupted with success (More...)

On August 24th, director Sam Raimi’s (The Evil Dead Trilogy 1981-1992, Spider-Man Trilogy 2002-2007) 1990 cult Superhero classic, Darkman, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Raimi worked with a team of writers including Chuck Pfarrer, sibling (More...)

After the satisfying first day of Heavy Montréal, fans were ready for round two and returned for another full day of live substantial acts at the Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saturday, August 8th. Filing into the park for an early start, and perhaps booze as wel (More...)

This week in Horror movie history, Child’s Play 3 was released August 30, 1991 by Universal Pictures. Directed by Jack Bender (Lost TV series, Under the Dome TV series), the film was co-produced by Robert Lathan Brown (The Thing 1982, Indiana Jones (More...)

Long Islanders Suffocation are Death Metal pioneers and their 1991 debut record Effigy of the Forgotten introduced a complex writing style and pinpoint precision to the genre, and put in place a blueprint for others moving forward. Although, no one since (More...)

Psychedelic Hip Hop Punk Rockers, Kottonmouth Kings (KMK), from Placentia, Orange County, California, got started in 1994 with Saint, D-Loc, Richter, X, and Pakelika adamant about staying independent at all costs in their combined love of weed, free think (More...)

There is a phrase that touring artists are familiar with which states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong on a tour.” That statement is no exaggeration as many came to learn when KMFDM, CHANT, and Inertia’s Salvation Tour came to Denver, (More...)

Welsh rockers Bullet For My Valentine have been delivering the heaviness since 1998 when they first went under the name Jeff Killed John performing a mix of Metallica and Nirvana covers in their first incarnation. The band has established a reputation of (More...)

Platinum recording artists The Smithereens have been on the scene for over thirty years now, and have become one of Alternative Rock’s darlings. Formed in 1980 out in Carteret, New Jersey, they released their first full-length album in 1986, Especia (More...)