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When one thinks of American Thrash Metal, chances are one of the first to come to mind are Northern California’s Exodus. Initially formed back in 1980, Exodus are one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal, and perhaps one of their most recognized vocalist (More...)

Canadian survival Thriller Backcountry was released March 20, 2015 in the US through Fella Films, after first being shown at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, 2014. The film stars Nicholas Campbell (DaVinci’s Inquest TV series, Cinderella M (More...)

It has been nearly three years since the tragic death of Suicide Silence lead vocalist Mitch Lucker. Following the sudden turn of events, fans were left heartbroken and wondering what direction the band would go, if any, in the aftermath of Lucker’s (More...)

Ventura, California’s Night Demon play the kind of music one would expect based on their name and the over-the-top cover art on 2015 debut full-length album, Curse of the Damned. Featuring Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Brent Woodward (guitar), and Dus (More...)

Film making should be fun, experimental, and most of all, fulfilling to the creators. With previous experience working together on other projects, aspiring filmmakers Al Franklin and Pamela J. Richardson joined forces for the new Horror film Teeth and Blo (More...)

There is a delicate balance of elements which go into the creation of music in order for the final outcome to be effective. For Norwegian Black Metal band 1349, that brew boils down to their love for the pure Nordic sound the genre was originally intended (More...)

One of Horror Punk Rock’s most recognized figures through the years has been Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Younger brother to Jerry Only of Punk legends the Misfits, Doyle joined up with his brother at the young age of sixteen in the band, thus (More...)

The highlights of the corpus laboris of the pioneering Scottish artist Midge Ure are Ultravox, Visage, Band Aid, and his lengthy solo career. In 1979, while busy being a guitarist and co-songwriter of the Irish Rock band Thin Lizzy, Ure (on vocals and gui (More...)

In 1996, in the basement of a barbershop in Quincy, Massachusetts, some friends came together simply aiming to have fun and just playing some music. This group of gentlemen combined their passion of traditional Irish music with hardcore Punk and found a s (More...)

Some are born with music running through veins before they even realize it. For multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter, his love for music, along with desire to create, came rather naturally growing up along side his brother Johnny, whom seemed to be destine (More...)