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This week in Horror movie history, The Thing was released on June 25, 1982 via Universal Pictures and the Turman-Foster Company. This inter-planetary Thriller was directed by Horror genius John Carpenter, who, along with twenty-two year old Rob Bottin (S (More...)

Evolution cannot be ceased, it is something that happens every waking moment. For Southern California band Of Mice & Men this progress has become the cornerstone of their success after the release of their highest charted album to date in 2014, Restor (More...)

Thirty years ago this week, Back to the Future was released onto the masses, proving to teenagers everywhere that their stuffy, corny, embarrassing parents were once teenagers themselves. Writer Bob Gale (1941 1979, Bordello of Blood 1996) got the idea f (More...)

From San Francisco, CA, the chart-topping Rock based Train have been touring to promote their latest album Bulletproof Picasso in the late Spring into the Summer of 2015. Beginning on May 21st, in their home state, the band has forty plus dates to share (More...)

In 1969, an album was released by a young English band by the name of Yes. When the needle dropped on the group’s Atlantic/WEA self-titled album and slipped into the opening track groove in the vinyl, the very first pulsating notes one hears are the sou (More...)

On March 20, 2015, the Rock-n-Roll world was saddened to hear of the untimely death of A. J. Pero, drummer of Twisted Sister, which occurred while he was touring with his other band, Adrenaline Mob. At only fifty-five years of age, his passing left his fr (More...)

Some musicians’ creative inspiration runs so deep that it overflow from their premiere outlets to others. Becoming a massive success early on with multi-platinum Hard Rock band Creed, then forging new stardom with Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti continu (More...)

Dating back to 1989, the band Sigh has existed on Metal’s periphery for twenty-six years, producing nine studio albums and four EP’s, all the while cementing and maintaining a world-class reputation among connoisseurs of the more avant garde s (More...)

With the success of 1984’s little monsters feature Gremlins, Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros waited six years for a sequel and released Gremlins 2: The New Batch on June 25th, 1990. Returning to the Director’s chair was Joe Dante with the pro (More...)

At the time of its release, February 1975, Led Zeppelin’s magnum opus, Physical Graffiti, the band was the biggest in the world. With their previous five albums achieving multi-platinum sales and the band smashing attendance records at concert venues (More...)