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American Horror Story: Freak Show, Test of Strength, is another episode that highlights man’s capacity for evil, and “man” is used here in the literal sense. The villain at the center of the plot is Dell, the strongman with a secret and a tendency t (More...)

Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry: Ladies Like Us 2014, The Amateur 2014) is a strange and unusual young man, but his boyfriend Will (Timo Descamps: More 2012, Lost Angel 2013) is very understanding and tries to help Keegan deal with his issues. Keegan pulls away (More...)

The branches of Tragic Hero Records’ tree are bowing with Heavy Fruit. He Is Legend’s second release on the North Carolina label is a prime example of a bands maturity when coupled with artist control.  Pulling influences from The Smashing Pumpkins a (More...)

Gut is a Horror Thriller originally released on October 26th 2012, written and directed by Bostonian going by the name Elias. Officially selected for countless Horror film festivals, and winner of four, it stars Jason Vail (Paranormal Captivity 2012), N (More...)

Over the course of the past twenty years one of the most easily recognized names in Hard Rock has been Boston, Massachusetts’ own Godsmack. With a list of chart topping hits, featuring crushing rhythm guitars and lyrics arenas can scream along with, (More...)

It has been an eventful two years for Los Angeles, California based band In This Moment.  Together now since 2005, the band was faced with three fifths of the lineup departing between 2010-11.  With their backs against the wall, the core of In This Mome (More...)

As Above, So Below is the latest Horror movie to be released by Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures on August 29th, 2014 in the United States. Written by Drew Dowdle (Quarantine 2008, Devil 2010) and John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine 2008, Devil 2010) w (More...)

Webster Hall in New York City was loaded with Hard Rock and Metal on Wednesday November 19th.  Known as a multi-room venue, Webster Hall is no stranger to holding more than one concert at a time.  On an off-date of In This Moment’s Black Widow Tou (More...)

The night of November 16th could have been a dark and sad one for some whom were heading into New York City to be at B.B. King’s  Club in Times Square, mainly only for the fact of the untimely events which transpired two weeks early. Originally schedul (More...)

At the early age of seven, Louisiana native Buddy Guy created a two-string instrument with a piece of wood and a few hairpins that he called a guitar and taught himself to play. This makeshift instrument was a far cry from his guitar that would eventual (More...)