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Quality art stands the test of time, and the music of English musician Howard Jones is living proof. Actively writing, recording, and performing music for over thirty years now, Jones has attained 15 top 40 hit singles and is largely recognized as a defin (More...)

When thinking of some of the most accomplished songwriters and producers of the past two decades, chances are most overlook the name Kevin Griffin. Most often associated as the voice of Better Than Ezra, Griffin has also produced and co-written songs with (More...)

Television, these days, if full of home renovation shows, including those who fix up old houses. Released on March 25, 2016 via indie distribution company Amplify, Horror Comedy They’re Watching uses Found Footage adding a twist the average homeowner w (More...)

Despite their fair share of lineup upheaval and health concerns from about the mid-nineties to just past the millennium, consistent quality of output has become a hallmark of one of Thrash Metal’s elder titans, the finely aging Testament. The San Fr (More...)

Known for such films as 2004′s The Door in the Floor and 2010s’ Paranormal Activity 2, Director Tod Williams is back at Mystery and Suspense again, this time with Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell. From a movie adaptation written by Adam Allec (More...)

Back on October 17, 2015, The Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado witnessed one of the best live shows of the year, IAMX. It was not just a live show of sheer unbridled energy, sweaty crazed fans, and perfectly executed live production; it was a historica (More...)

Talk about empowerment, The Pretty Reckless is just the band anyone needs to get their full dose of originality and Rock-n-Roll. Bangin’, beautiful, and beyond brilliant, this group of New York City Rockers know exactly how to blow the roof off of any v (More...)

Even in modern times, there are a number of small towns in America which exist completely within their own environment. A consequence of this can be a town riddled with violence, drugs, and corruption. The Hollow is a compelling new Crime/Thriller appro (More...)

Trends and styles change constantly. Currently, Heavy Metal/Rock-n-Roll is in the midst of the Stoner and Sludge movement, which may have flourished out of the later Doom era wafting throughout the Grunge era and clearing its way into full emergence in th (More...)

Thirty years ago, Producer Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator 1985, Dolls 1987) and Director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator 1985, Dolls 1987) teamed up for their second feature and second H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond. Released on October 24, 1986 in theaters, (More...)