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After a day filled with thirteen hours of non-stop Metal, fans gathered once again for a final twelve hours of Knotfest on Sunday October 26th.  Adding diversity to the farewell of 2014′s gathering, a mix of Metalcore, Grindcore, and even some Hip (More...)

This week in Horror Movie History, on November 12th, 1982, Creepshow was released in theaters worldwide. Coming from the combined minds of writer Stephen King and Director George A. Romero, this anthology delighted comic books fans everywhere. Both King a (More...)

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Seger has been a Rock Americana icon for over four decades now.  Having released seven albums before 1975’s two time platinum Beautiful Loser, none of which generated any major sales despite plenty of outstanding mater (More...)

Back in 2012, Iowa’s own Slipknot unleashed their own vision of the ultimate Heavy Metal festival, launching two days of dark entertainment and extreme music called Knotfest held on August 17, 2012, in Council Bluffs, Iowa and August 18, 2012, in S (More...)

One of Heavy Metal’s most defining figures since its inception has been Denmark’s King Diamond. Known for his unmistakable vocal range, highlighted by extraordinary falsetto, as well as captivating theatrical stage persona, King Diamond has re (More...)

Eugene, Oregon’s Yob is as doomy as doom metal gets.  They continually churn out epic dirges replete with downtuned guitars, gloomy lyrics, and eerie atmospherics.  In 2014 they released their sixth full length record. Entitled Clearing the Path to As (More...)

Chrysalis is the latest horror movie released by Glass City Films and Huckpoten Entertainment in April 2014. Written by Ben Kurstin and Directed by John Klein (Out of Sight 2014, Displaced 2014) Chrysalis is an innovative take on the zombie genre. Set in (More...)

In recent years Hip Hop powerhouse Cypress Hill has made a habit of recognizing Halloween annually with a special show in New York City.  Returning to Best Buy Theater in the center of all the action of Manhattan on Thursday October 30th, the Latino four (More...)

Halloween and legendary Punk Rock band Misfits seem to go together hand in hand.  Established nearly four decades ago, the New Jersey bred band have built a name and style for themselves which is easily recognized, even outside the Rock community.  Dust (More...)

Expanding one’s horizons is something every musician hopes to attend over the course of their career. When seasoned, accomplished veteran musicians Riz Story, formerly of Anyone, and David Silveria, formerly of Korn, got together, they threw the for (More...)