Author: Kerry Black

Journalist - Kerry Black

Kerry Black

In addition to reviewing for CrypticRock, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA based Kerry E.B. Black publishes Fiction and writes for many journals including the online One Year of Letters Projects, as well as first reads for Postcard Poetry and Prose and staff writes for Halloween Forevermore.

Back on July 21, 2006, the Columbia Pictures stylized computer animated film Monster House hit the silver screen. Promoted by movie theater lobby posters warning, “There goes the neighborhood,” instead of darkening the cinematic world, Monster House added to a vivid cinematic experience. Mixing humor, horror, and...

This week in Horror movie history, back on June 27, 2003, England's adrenaline-packed 28 Days Later burst onto the US cinematic scene. Initially released in the United Kingdom seven months earlier in 2012, the Danny Boyle (Trainspotting 1996, Slumdog Millionaire 2008) directed film first was introduced to...

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