Author: Lisa Burke

Journalist - Lisa Burke

Lisa Burke

Lisa is a metalhead at heart with a variety of musical genre interests, and the determination to save the world, one Metal show at a time. Her professional passions range from Rock n Roll and Gothic Metal inspired fashion design to Heavy Metal and Rock n Roll journalism for live and album reviews. She currently contributes these reviews to Metal Assault and CrypticRock.

Bold expressions of darkness should be held in highest regard in the Heavy Metal world. Contextually serving as the backbone for Cradle of Filth, their unique approach has awarded the English band a lengthy survival rate in a cold and bleak place where musical artistry is not always...

The appreciation of music written in foreign languages is not an art practiced or comprehended by all. Although, if really broken down, music is a universal form of communication, therefore the dialect sung merely becomes another instrumentation in the orchestration. So why close one's mind when the emotional level...

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