Author: Misty Wallace

Journalist - Misty Wallace

Misty Wallace

Misty's infatuation with the morbid and macabre started from a very young age; which, over the years, has only evolved into a much deeper love and appreciation for all things Horror. She enjoys dabbling in the arts and utilizing a variety of mediums for self expression including, literature, painting, music, photography, collages, and mixed media. Her intrinsic passion for writing allowed her to be thrice published (poetry) before she ever graduated high school, and now she enthusiastically composes Movie and TV Reviews for CrypticRock.

“I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeee!” These unsettling words will forever allude to one of the most momentous and notoriously disturbing scenes in cinematic history. Despite its disconcerting content, Deliverance is still considered among the top 100 films that every person should...

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