Author: Roger Maléspin

Journalist - Roger Maléspin

Roger Maléspin

Roger is a Writer and Editor born and raised in New York City. A lifelong bibliophile, he spends most of his time delving into stories or honing his craft. When not flexing the pen, he can be found in any number of bars and coffee shops around New York, drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of stories and experiences that make up the greatest city in the world. His love of the written word is nearly matched by his affinity for Horror movies, and he can quote from the classics up to today's films. Holding strong convictions rooted deep in the religion of Metal, do not be surprised if you run into him, literally, in a circle pit during a Metal show somewhere in the city.

This week in Horror movie history, back on February 13th of 1998, the Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller Sphere took orbit. One of Michael Crichton’s lesser known stories made into film, Barry Levinson (Rain Man 1988, Sleepers 1996) acted as director for the second time heading a Crichton story following...

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