Heirsound – Layers Vol. 1-3 (EP Review)

Heirsound – Layers Vol. 1-3 (EP Review)

Electric and magnetic, raising their fan count, Heirsound continue to turn the heads of many. An Alternative Pop duo,  and Alexa San Román, surprise all with a 3-EP concept, layered and spread to create a deeper sequential experience for their listeners. What is it all about? Well, the forceful duo made a splash, leaving many in wait for the secret release dates of each EP. Unique and fun, the secrecy gave the EP releases more anticipation, turning days into weeks.

Without any further explanation, the 3 volumes of Layers includes Vol. I [Skin], released on May 12th, Vol. II [Muscle] following on June 2nd, and finally, the long awaited Vol. III [Bone] unveiled on June 23rd. Keeping listeners awaiting, the artistic tandem turn the whole thing into a vocal saga. Surprised? Worth the wait, Heirsound has a hymn or two that will take you on a journey, bold in lyrics, picked with precision, deliciously combined.

Cosmic pings, resonating against planets like a pinball machine,”Proud,” the lead single on Vol. I [Skin], is fun and catchy, headstrong. This four track EP confronts issues and problems head on, daring lyrics with voltaic meters and notes. Concluding it, “Changes,” featuring Just B. Polo, is a slight bit rougher than the previous songs. It shows a change in the voice of San Román, distress and in dispute. Paired with the teeming tune, Heirsound put it all out, and Vol. I [Skin] is but the surface, digging deeper with their sound.

With Vol. II [Muscle], “Bliss” is a sure favorite with a chorus that is soft, yet gallant. Real, fused with the perfect pick of instruments, the drums draw you in from the start. After the release, Heirsound listeners raged in wait, and “Lacuna” comes in with a precise drumbeat starting out slow and swiftly taking off. The vocals are more serene on Vol. II [Muscle], the voices of San Román as well as Peterson caress and intertwined like cotton candy. This is shown to listeners with an authentic feeling which plays with electronic sounds that is inspiring, hoping for a new day and change.

 “Heaven With You” is the perfect premiere to the final release, Vol. III [Bone]. The final EP in the saga got down to the heart, the center of it all, the core. Echoing along with the beat, San Román harmonized delicately with Ray Hodge on the single “Paradise,” thus creating a heavenly quality. Innocence and loving, there is a celestial feel from all four tracks on Vol. III [Bone], successfully completing the series.  

The unveiling of Layers Vol I through Vol III was quite distinctive than what the majority of acts might do. A fitting follow-up to 2016’s Merge, Dane Peterson and Alexa San Román offer something special. In addition to all, the two have worked closely together recently, releasing a music video for Vol. III [Bone] track “Heaven With You” on June 16th. Heirsound are painting their own picture with their lyrics and showing listeners their vision with astronomical beats that are both fun and catchy. Definitely impalpable, CrypticRock gives all 3 volumes of Layers 4 out of 5 stars.

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Mayra Garibo
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