10 Years acoustic performance at Webster Hall NYC 1-28-14 (Exclusive Coverage)

Following the release of their 6 track EP Live & Unplugged at the Tennessee Theatre (2013), hard rockers 10 Years announced a string of acoustic performances in North America. For those fortunate enough to have heard the EP, this tour comes as a massive treat, bringing the ambiance and vibe of the recording to life before the eyes of their fans. On Tuesday January 28th, New York City was the next stop on the itinerary for 10 Years, and a full room in The Studio at Webster Hall gathered for an intimate musical experience.

Breaking the ice were opening act Trapper Schoepp & The Shades. From Milwaukee, WI this 3-piece rock outfit lead by Trapper Schoepp (vocals/guitar), his brother Tanner Schoepp (bass/vocals), and Jon Phillip (drums) have been raising attention the past few months with steady touring across the USA. Following the unplugged theme of the tour, Trapper Schoepp took the stage with just himself and an acoustic guitar. Strumming on his guitar, Trapper sang heartfelt tunes from the debut album Run, Engine, Run (2012) . Blending Americana and Rock n Roll tones, Trapper brings a style to song writing while telling real life stories in a vivid way. Trapper appeared comfortable in his own skin and clearly conscious of his surroundings while performing. He even sang with his brother Tanner during the set, adding a nice dynamic, panning out perfectly in the ears of the listeners. While a portion of the room may not have been familiar with Trapper Schoepp & The Shades at first, the singer’s personal approach while on stage and through his music kept the audience’s attention throughout.

With the mood set in and wall to wall fans eagerly awaiting, it was time for 10 Years. As the band took the stage cheers poured out from the crowd only to be silenced for the ambient renditions of fan favorite songs such as “Shoot It Out”, “Through The Iris”, and “Prey”. While these tracks have a distinct effect played with electric instruments, a new dimension was added during the acoustic set. Vocalist Jesse Hasek’s singing glimmered in the spot light while the instrumentation of the rest of the band accented the organic output. When “Fix Me” began, the audience took over singing so strongly that the band was so moved they had to stop, letting the crowd shout out the words. Clearly a song which has left an impression on more than a few people, one couldn’t help but feel chills down their spine as events unfolded.

While the music was enough to keep the audience happy, Hasek’s personality drove the performance home. With plenty of engaging dialogue, giving listeners a deeper look into the music, the evening felt like a private VH1 Storytellers event. Tracks like “Beautiful”, “Wasteland”, and “The Autumn Effect” were just some of the memorable moments of the night. Feeling relaxed as if it was their own living room, one fan came so close to the stage recording video with their phone. Guitarist Chad Huff took the phone playfully and handed it to Hasek, which sang holding the phone proceeding to panned toward the crowd before handing the phone back.

The evening closed out on a high note with songs such as “Forever Fields”, “Proud of You”, and “So Long Good-Bye”. Fans respectfully remained silence during each track, graciously applauding upon the conclusion from the beginning to end of the evening. With 15 years together as a band, 10 Years continue to hook in their audience with touching music and special performances such as these. It’s times such as these we get to see what a band is really made of when all the aspects of technology are stripped down and all that is left is raw emotional talent. Haunting and personal, fan’s experience with 10 Years at Webster Hall was nothing less than unforgettable.

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