13 Cameras (Movie Review)

Writer and Director Victor Zarcoff makes his debut in one of cinema’s creepiest films in sometime, 13 Cameras. Although this Thriller does not have a multitude of actors, PJ McCabe (Funeral Kings 2012, The Den 2013), Neville Archambault (Violet & Daisy 2011, Solomon Grundy 2013), Brianne Moncrief (The Other Guys 2010, Not Right Now 2015), Sarah Baldwin (One Way to Drown 2012, Blue Lagoon: The Awakening 2012), Heidi Niedermeyer (Gutshot 2012, Not Right Now 2015), and Jim Cummings (Thunder Road 2016) make sure to fill the space that sometimes is needed with a movie such as this. Now available on DVD as of July 12, 2016, 13 Cameras is a film that build up the tension.

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Gerald (Archambault) is a very creepy old man and Claire (Moncrief) notices this fact right away. Claire and Ryan (McCabe) are house hunting when they come across a beautiful home owned by Gerald, and to their luck, it is available for rent. At a great price, they sign the paperwork happily and immediately. Unbeknownst to their knowledge, Gerald is actually a lurker and he has installed cameras all over the house, including the kitchen, the living room, and about three cameras in the restroom alone. Gerald is watching their every move, and while he is observing, he sees that Claire and Ryan’s marriage is not exactly the best marriage someone can be proud of; Ryan invites his assistant Hannah (Baldwin) when Claire is not home and they have more than a talk, they have sexual relations and Gerald does not seem pleased by this.

Still from 13 Cameras

Things start to get out of hand when Hannah starts calling Ryan in the middle of the night and Ryan urges her to stop calling. Hannah threatens to go to Ryan’s house to confront him and tell Claire about them and Ryan does what any other man in his place should not do, he takes Claire out for dinner and asks his mate Paul to take care of Hannah before they come back. Ryan was feeling guilty and he had already told Paul about the affair. When Hannah gets to the house, Gerald feels the need to do something about it and gets a hold of Hannah before Paul gets there. Meanwhile, Paul tells his wife Audry about the affair and Audry ends up telling Claire, thus making her end the relationship with Paul and making him leave the house. Claire sees one of the cameras and calls Ryan immediately, but by the time Ryan gets there, the camera is no longer there.

There is a feeling Claire cannot shake off and asks Ryan to stay overnight. Hanna is actually closer than they think and about to make her escape. The couple realized where she has been all the time and Gerald moves as quick as he can, making his way to the residence and cutting the house’s power off. With no service inside the house and no way to see, will Ryan, Claire, and Hannah make it out, or will they succumb to Gerald’s strength?

Still from 13 Cameras

All in all, 13 Cameras takes the viewers to the mind of a real psychopathic lurker. Gerald’s need to see what other people were doing took him out of the outside world and gave him a reason to exist. As movie lovers, Horror fans cringe and talk about these type of genres in films because sometimes it gives them the idea of what it is like to be in a killer’s mind. Zarcoff gave the fans a sense of real-life occurrences with the message that no one is safe all the time and sometimes happy endings are not always the best endings; they are how things in real life sometimes end. Besides having no semblance of human being in him, Gerald also had strength and muscles. These two things combined are always a recipe for disaster and made the film even that more entertaining. Ghosts, Vampires, Witches are all folklore and officially not real, people with problems in their head and psychopathic tendencies are as real as they get, which is why watching 13 Cameras in the middle of the night, in the dark, and alone is not recommended for anyone who scares easily. CrypticRock gives 13 Cameras 4 out of 5 stars.

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