28 North – World on Fire (Album review)

28 north album cover slide - 28 North - World on Fire (Album review)

28 North – World on Fire (Album review)

28north band 2 - 28 North - World on Fire (Album review)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s 28 North is a band that understands the importance behind music and that it extends further than just the songs and albums; they work around the beliefs that live performances can create a community for those who have similar tastes in music and are just as important as the music itself.  Since their formation they have developed quite the fan base, and it will continue to grow as they are touring nationally. The charismatic nature of the group, along with fantastic vocals and beautiful guitar work, is sure to help the band gain the national recognition they deserve. They have played with many talented groups including Young the Giant and Blues Traveler, and even performed at some of the premier music festivals such as SXSW and CMJ festival.  Working together with producer Gavin MacKillop (Goo Goo Dolls, MXPX, Kitten, Echo and the Bunnymen), 28 North now release their highly anticipated album World on Fire.

“Monster” opens the album with a series of soaring vocals and ear-catching harmonies, giving off a raw straight-ahead rock atmosphere.  “Restless” really picks up the pace and exemplifies a classic rock-n-roll sound that will captivate and evoke listeners to sing along with its notably catchy chorus.  The title track shows up early in the album and is a great representation of the band, showing their roots paired with unmatched vocals of Michael Linder, guitar of Shawn Mazzei , bass of Mark Glinkaand, and drumming of Tyler Bond.  The track also features a chorus which is insanely addictive and will have listeners hooked immediately

The trend of genuine lyrics and smooth sounding vocals is consistent throughout the album.  The song “Trails” opens with the raw lyrics of, “Sometimes the truth can lie straight to your face”, assuring to strike a chord in the heart of many. The talented guitar work of Mazzei really gives off a rock-n-roll vibe, especially when showcased solely without singing.  Other standouts like “Surrender” embodies both elements, but with a faster tempo and strong singing, which will become a favorite for live performances.  “Call Me Up” is the group’s first single.  The song introduces listeners to the outstanding vocal work of Linder from the first note, while demonstrating lyrical mastery with lines such as, “When everyone around you is starting to fade/ And you’re picking up debris from the hurricane/ Call me up, I’ll be right down”.

World on Fire is a fantastic album which could very well be the band’s breakout and launch the group to broader success. This album should receive the recognition and attention it so rightfully deserves.  28 North is a very talented group that has produced an album of an extremely high caliber.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here as they progress and grow as a band with experience and time. They have already excel with vocal harmonies, passionate lyrics, as well as engaging guitar work, with more time they will certainly sharpen and hone these incredible qualities. If 28 North are not currently on your radar, be sure to check out and experience them before the band skyrockets to the international stage. CrypticRock gives World on Fire 4 out of 5 stars.

28 north album cover - 28 North - World on Fire (Album review)

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