9Electric – The Damaged Ones (Album Review)

9electric 2016

First hitting the Rock scene back in 2011 when playing their first gig ever at The Roxy Theatre on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, 9Electric quickly distinguished themselves from what others were doing. Led by Frontman/Singer Ron Thunderwood, Guitarist Mikey Lopez, Bassist Casey DC, and Drummer/Programmer Micah Electric, 9Electric are part of the new Hollywood scene of Electro Rock. With that said, one has to study 9Electric’s debut album, The Damaged Ones, which finally saw daylight on July 15th via Century Media subdivision label Another Century.

So what could one expect from this anticipated debut? Well, the sound of 9Electric actually is not that new, and that is not a bad thing. For those still unfamiliar with this hard-working act, their style is structured Hard Rock with Electronic elements. For those whom are fans of such muses, the production of The Damaged Ones from Micah Electric and Co-Producer Kane Churko help create twelve crystal clear tracks which are served with a healthy portion of stamping drums alongside fat and heavy riffing guitars.

Prepared for what is ahead, The Damaged Ones starts off with basic rules and protocols, proclaiming the message of a human condition that no one is safe in the opening title-track. A song that works perfectly live, flavored with all the ingredients out of the Electro Rock cookbook, it is followed by “New God,” which pumps and grooves along the same way. Thereafter, “Naked” sounds like a hybrid between Stabbing Westward and the electronic vibes of older Orgy music while closing a hole that both bands let yawn in the scene for a long time. Significantly more emotional, “Beautiful” unites all these elements the best way. Drums and synth loops lead through the track, peaking in a grandiose and catchy chorus. It is a cut that will make fans immediately sit up and take notice of the band’s skills and it should definitely be a future single.

After a few listens, The Damaged Ones crystallizes its kind of own sound with the aforementioned acts as ideals. For example, “Goodbye” and “Take It Away” are stitched with catchy choruses complemented by heavy guitars. Then, in the case of the calm “Little Things,” there are textures of well-known Linkin Park radio-hit-singles. Fortunately, with “Filthy,” “More More,” and the album closing “I Die,” 9Electric again turn on the noise and Rock-n-Roll factor to avoid the allegation of squinting only on mainstream airplay and of being just a copy of already well-known acts in the genre.

9Electric’s The Damaged Ones is an album for fans of early Orgy and Stabbing Westward who have been waiting for new heroes of the genre to come along. Recently touring with Lacuna Coil, they remain on the road for a two month ride in support of The Damaged Ones, opening for labelmates Gemini Syndrome, a tour well-worth checking out. All in all, their well-balanced mixture of Rock and Electronic with mass-compatible melodies should be checked out by fans of a genre awaiting for a new hero to take the throne, because 9Electric may be it. CrypticRock gives this album 4 out of 5 electrified stars.


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