A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy (Album review)

A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy (Album review)


After a long and exhausting law suit with Victory Records, A Day To Remember won their case days before the self-release of their newest album Common Courtesy. This popular band from Ocala, Florida has built a reputation for themselves with an interesting twist of metalcore and pop-punk elements; a style A Day To Remember has owned since 2003. This band has proved to fans and the music scene that through rough times they will stand strong and are here to stay.

A major component of Common Courtesy is the well-known pop-punk material that A Day To Remember has mastered. “Right Back At It Again” is a popular track off of this record that released prior to the album’s release. It is classic A Day To Remember style with relatable, storytelling lyrics and rhythmic guitar riffs. A consistent style is represented through the album while each track manages to keep individuality, which is a very impressive feat not many bands can pull off.  Another track displaying similar aspects is “Life @ 11” which begins as verses with a slow heavy bass, to clipped vocals and beat, then leading into a melodic and smooth chorus. This constant build up gives the song a power and presence on the record.  A softer and more sentimental sound is present when listeners tune into “I Remember”, which specifically stands out for its heart-warming message about the memories of becoming the band that A Day To Remember is today. The catchy guitar riffs and liberating tone gives the lyrics “I knew if I became successful, it wouldn’t change who I was” much more potency and excitement. Ending the track in unique fashion is a recording of the band’s conversation about all of the touring memories they have shared together.

Another style that A Day To Remember concentrates on is heavy and fast paced tempos, brutal vocals, and forceful breakdowns that resemble a more metalcore side of them. This is evident on the song “Violence (Enough Is Enough)”, involving captivating guitar riffs and a quick paced drumbeat. The rigorous vocals by Jeremy McKinnon highlights the demanding lyrics of “Violence, give me violence / cause they say we’re the worthless ones”. This angry and adverse atmosphere is also exhibited on “Dead & Buried”.  The tone of the chorus is catchy, but it is easier to understand the lost hope in McKinnon’s words with his harsh screams and the callousness of the breakdowns. “Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way” is another song with the severe and aggressive tone. From the start, this song upsurges into an intense and rage driven track that is definitely the heaviest sounding on the album. Filled with fast, chugging guitar riffs and jarring screams, the song has a fascinating sound which A Day To Remember pull off quite well.

Another musical talent A Day To Remember has mastered over the years is their acoustic ballads and stripped down classics, like “You Had Me At Hello” and “If It Means A Lot To You”.  On Common Courtesy tracks such as “I’m Already Gone” and “End of Me” have a familiar romantic and mellow air. The soft guitar and melodic chorus of “I’m Already Gone” are the key elements that make it extremely alluring. “End of Me” is the most entrancing track off the album. Starting off slow and ambient with McKinnon’s vocals as soft as a whisper, the song is complimented by a compelling riff crescendo, and then transitioning into a powerful wave of emotion and heartbreak with the words “You know me all too well / And I can’t suppress the memories / You’re gone and I can tell / That I’ve lost more than you’ll ever see”.  While being a different sound for A Day To Remember it adds a remarkable presence to the material.

Common Courtesy marks a new start for A Day To Remember. After arising victoriously from their lawsuit with Victory Records, this band has been proving their strength and talent by self-releasing majorly successful albums. As they continue to craft music, their songs seem to progress and improve consistently with each new release. By staying true to their sound, A Day To Remember has expanded their popularity in the music scene with their dependable yet versatile music. CrypticRock gives Common Courtesy 4.5 out of 5 stars.



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