About Cryptic Rock

Cryptic Rock Magazine was officially launched back in 2013. The idea was based on the feeling that other music and film publications had become heavily politicized with their content. The idea was to build a digital publication that offered diverse, thoughtful, and intelligent music and film/television coverage that was free of political agendas; it was to be strictly about the art. In that time the publication has grown to be highly respected among those in the music and film/television industry with over 1,200 interviews published, over 2,200 movie reviews published, over 3,700 music reviews published, and over 1,300 concerts photographed/reviewed worldwide.
One of the proudest aspects of Cryptic Rock is the extreme diversity in our coverage, but most of all, our independence. We have remained completely independent in our near decade long run and will remain that way. Through determination to think freely, follow a vision, and remain passionate, Cryptic Rock currently garners over 60,000 unique visitors a month on the site.