Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis (Album Review)

Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis (Album Review)

Unfortunately we are in the midst of a tragic pandemic that clouds peace of mind for most. Ironically, for those who breathe Metal music, there is a calming escape within the brutally pleasurable sub-genre of Death Metal. Which leads us to California’s Abysmal Dawn, a band set to deliver their newest ball-breaking album, Phylogenesis, on Friday, April 17th via Season of Mist.

Standouts on the scene since 2003, Abysmal Dawn has separated themselves from others of their ilk thanks to the bizarre yet fitting high-tone guitar melodies that surf in and out of the tunes riding through the straight up brutality. In fact, Founder and mastermind Guitarist/Vocalist Charles Elliot has perfected the equivalent of Whitesnake’s David Coverdale’s vocal range into his guitar melodies, and it’s not boring.

Returning after a steady schedule of touring after the release of 2014’s Obsolescence, Elliot sinks Abysmal Dawn into new dimensions of purgatory with Phylogenesis, paving the road to the most intriguing sort of hell imaginable. In Death Metal language… it is a positive journey. Rounding out the troops are Eliseo Garcia, a great collaborator on vocals as well as a creative bass player, along with additional riff warrior Guitarist Vito Petroni, and machine fire level Drummer James Coppolino.

So, was six years worth the wait? The answer is yes, because Phylogenesis is everything fans could’ve hoped for and more including a well done cover of Death’s “Flattening Of Emotions” as a bonus. Speaking of covers, the album artwork itself speaks perfectly to the intimate tone of the tunes, and is well-crafted by the band’s long-time Swedish artist collaborator, Pär Olofsson. The regurgitation of humanity, and the impeccable disconnect seems to fly high on the radar of this anguish infected work of art.

These factors in mind, rearing its ugly head into a whirlwind of gripping Death Metal medleys is “Mundane Existence.” From here there is nowhere to go but forward as you propel into “The Path Of The Totalitarian;” a rapid-fire song which is full speed ahead madness and intersected with anthem-like stand-alone guitar melodies. 

Then, perhaps one of the strongest songs on the album, “Hedonistic” is 666 counts of straight-up classic Death Metal which is smartly structured into a direct war zone for a modern day audience. In enough words, this band has a broad understand of the style they are aiming for and are able to craft something that possesses a cohesive storyline throughout. This is evident with “A Speck In The Fabric Of Eternity,” a tune that will also most definitely translate well in a live setting. 

Moving on, midway through Phylogenesis, “Coerced Evolution” takes off running with legible sounding harsh vocals, which is an anomaly in itself. This is while they further channel the gods of Death Metal with “True To The Blind” which exemplifies the need to release the wolves onto the sheep in order to set the world into a proper submission. Which leads to another bold moment as “Soul- Sick Nation” pushes through the thickening darkness into a decent hair-whipping frenzy. It resonates in a soul-sucking way, adding in some engaging melodies where deemed fit.

Concluding the dissection of maddening riffs is “The Lament Configuration,” which once again holds more than a candle to the likes of any Nile piece or like-minded bands. Lastly, sealing the album off is a noble cover Death’s aforementioned “Flattening Of Emotions,” proving as a worthy finale. 

For providing a great escape to the monotony of quarantine life alone, Cryptic Rock gives Abysmal Dawn’s Phylogenesis 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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