AC/DC 50th anniversary vinyl

AC/DC – Celebrating 50 Golden Years of Rock-n-Roll

AC/DC are one of those Rock bands that everyone knows, no matter their background or age demographic. A factor due to the extensive use of their logo on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs, next to KISS, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, they are one of the most commercially marketed bands around. Something that is a blessing and a curse, the positive is, well… their logo is second nature to everyone. The negative, perhaps AC/DC’s brand supersedes a good portion of the population’s actual knowledge of their music. A cause and effect really, the truth is if you consider yourself a real Rock-n-Roll fan, you should absolutely be versed on the band’s importance to genre.

One of the heavier acts to emerge from the early 1970s, some may argue their brand of bluesy, heavy Rock-n-Roll was highly influential on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that arrived in the later part of the decade thrusting forward into the ‘80s. A statement that holds water, if you listen to Heavy Metal bands that popped up years later, you can feel the influence of AC/DC. Something which most certainly should never be overlooked, rightfully so, AC/DC has been anointed as Rock-n-Roll royalty with a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2003, and some of their most popular tunes are spun (1979’s “Highway to Hell,” 1980’s “Back in Black,” among others) regularly on the radio, as well as every sporting event the world over. Now in 2024, it is difficult to fathom, but AC/DC are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

A massive milestone, traditionally, the 50th anniversary is famously known as the golden one. So, it would only make sense that AC/DC would get golden fever in honor of their celebration… but in what capacity? Gold fabric t-shirts? No. Gold-plated AC/DC earbuds? Absolutely not. Keeping it classy, they have opted to re-release their entire catalog of albums to golden vinyl. Keeping in mind that to this point the band has released a substantial amount of studio, live, and even soundtrack albums, the first wave of these releases arrived on March 15th through Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings. Something that will be arrive throughout 2024, the first grouping include 9 titles – 1975’s High Voltage, 1976’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1978’s Powerage, 1979’s Highway to Hell, 1980’s Back in Black, 1981’s For Those About To Rock We Salute You, the 1986’s soundtrack album Who Made Who, 1990’s The Razors Edge, and 1992’s AC/DC Live.

Each pressed to gold colored vinyl, these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12” x 12” print featuring a new AC/DC 50 artwork, plus extended linear notes from prior remastered releases. Looking at 1980’s Back in Black in particularly as an example, the album is offered in the 2003 remastered edition to this gold pressing with expanded essays about the band. Sounding solid in this new release, the vinyl itself is a heavy gram that certainly adds to the quality. Also, if you are interested, some of these releases, such as Highway to Hell and Back and Black are offered in alternative colors. 

With that, for Back in Black gold pressing in particular, you reacquaint yourself with a significant point in AC/DC’s history when Brian Johnson came in to dominate on vocals after everyone was reeling following the untimely passing of Bon Scott in early 1980. A factor some less astute listeners will recognize, beyond the big songs featured Back in Black such as the title-track, “Hells Bells,” and “You Shook Me All Night Long,” you are reminded of the greatness of others here, including “Let Me Put My Love In You” or “Givin the Dog a Bone.” 

Overall, these new releases are a dignified and exciting way to celebrate 50 years of AC/DC. It provides fans, who’s own older records might be worn, a chance to get a nice copy. On the other side of the coin, it also gives others a chance to own this album for the first time ever on vinyl. Available through the AC/DC official online store, or exclusively via Walmart, there are plenty of options for picking up copies. So, get out there and relive the excellences of AC/DC’s raw energy, or if you still wet behind the ears, learn about the music behind the logo on your t-shirt. A great addition to any music fan’s collection, Cryptic Rock gives each of these first nine 50th anniversary vinyl releases, including the pivotal Back in Black, 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

AC/DC 50th anniversary Gold Vinyl
AC/DC 50th anniversary Gold Vinyl / Columbia Records/ Legacy Recordings (2024) 

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