Adelitas Way – Getaway (Album Review)


The road leading to Adelitas Way’s fourth studio album seems to have been an arduous and fervent one. After cutting ties with Virgin Records, the Las Vegas quartet, comprised of Vocalist Rick DeJesus, Drummer Trevor Stafford, Bassist Andrew Cushing, and Guitarist Robert Zakaryan, launched their Pledge Music Campaign and a promotional single off a five-track EP that would eventually become part of their latest studio effort, Getaway, released on February 26, 2016. The bold and courageous decision to take creative control of their music and release it independently is reflected in the hard-hitting eleven tracks that make up Getaway.

Opening track and lead single, “Bad Reputation,” sets the tone with swagger between a grungy guitar riff and DeJesus serving plenty of attitude with his delivery of lyrics like, “Don’t tell me what I should do or say”/ “Cause I want to do it my own way.” The song’s catchy vibe is maintained by Stafford’s driving percussion, providing a foot-stomping beat that instantly grabs the listener, generating excitement for what comes next. The momentum continues with title-track, “Getaway.” The song is straightforward Rock and, in its simplicity, further manifests the growth the band has experienced in moving away from corporate expectations. The song, like its predecessor, is a declaration that the band is taking ownership of their sound and delivering some good old Rock-n-Roll.

Elements of Classic Rock peek through along with a bluesy-tinged guitar in “The Good Die Young.” The song slows things down a bit, but is by no means a ballad. DeJesus infuses the song with passion and his vocals are captivating, evoking the same kind of connection he produces when watching him perform on stage.

There is no shortage of grit and DeJesus’ no-holds-barred attitude on “Low.” A grinding guitar and powerful bass line propel the song, while DeJesus’ blistering vocals round out the booming track. This is only further realized on “Put You In Place,” which not only continues to provide the intense energy of previous tracks with robust drum beats, high-impact guitar riffs, and soaring vocals, but is also bookended by acoustic guitar and a hint of Blues. Yet, the heart and soul of the song showcases what the group is known for and the lane where they feel most at home, which is in-your-face Hard Rock.

The first half of Getaway is ripe with aggressive Rock tunes including “I Get Around,” which will have listeners head-bobbing and toe-tapping to the beat, but it is the latter half that sees the band experimenting ever so slightly with their sound. DeJesus delivers a soulful, sultry vocal on “Filthy Heart,” that lures the listener, accompanied by a bluesy guitar riff and eventual solo that is sexy and dynamic.

The mid-tempo “Harbor the Fugitive” does not have the same impact melodically as other tracks until Zakaryan’s impressive guitar work gives the song a slick, bluesy undertone. Meanwhile, “Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used” evokes ‘90s Grunge with its gritty guitar riffs and stylistic transitions. It stands out as one of the more instrumentally and melodically complex tracks on the album.

The penultimate track “Shame” is another mid-tempo track, this time eliciting a more somber tone, which is reflected in DeJesus’ vocals. There are also some more touches of Classic Rock heard in the instrumentation. The final track, “Deserve This,” ends the album on a high note, with intricate guitar work and resounding drums. It is a heart-pumping tune that uses all the Rock elements that define Adelitas Way.

Getaway is a cohesive and fun Hard Rock album. It does not try to break new ground, but lives in a space that feels comfortable, inviting and honest. Adelitas Way do not shy away from their influences or what they know and love. With Getaway, they have succeeded in staying true to who they are as artists, while providing listeners with an engaging and satisfying collection of Rock music.  CrypticRock gives Getaway 4 out of 5 stars.

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