Agnostic Front – Get Loud! (Album Review)

Just shy of forty years ago, the politically driven Agnostic Front was introduced to the New York Hardcore scene. A highly influential band, also considered pioneers in pushing the crossover Thrash movement, they have continued to make an impression across the land album after album, and of course, in mosh pits show after show. Holding down the fort these days for the Godfathers of Hardcore are longtime Lead Vocalist Roger Miret, founding Guitarist Vinnie Stigma, Bassist Mike Gallo, along with newest additions Lead Guitarist Craig Silverman and Drummer Pokey Mo. A fearsome bunch, they come together yet again for their twentieth overall album, Get Loud!.

Set for release on Friday, November 8th via Nuclear Blast Records, Get Loud! offers fourteen angst ridden songs for listeners to relish in. Doing so while also offering a vigorous intensity, they even brought back 1986’s Cause For Alarm album Artist Sean Taggart to forge the artwork for Get Loud!, helping capture the Hardcore spirit from back in the day when CBGB’s was still thriving. 

It all beings with “Spray Painted Walls” where the elements of old school Hardcore are prominently in tact. Thereafter jumping into the title-track, a direct and straightforward point is laid out and ignited. From here the momentum really takes off with the fast and fun antics of the songs such as “Conquer and Divide” followed by “I Remember.” Equal parts everything that makes Agonstic Front who they are, it is all of this is brought together by the very distinguished vocal styling of Miret that is rooted in Hardcore Punk.

As always delivering an anti-government message that begs for change, ringing in strong are other noteworthy tunes on the album including “Urban Decay,” and “Snitches Get Stitches” which peel out of the driveway at maximum speed racing to the past nostalgia of the youth gone wild days. Finalizing a completely thorough blast into the past of the classic Hardcore vibe, “Attention,” “Pull The Trigger,” and “Devastated” further dive into the meaning behind Get Loud!, which is simply to voice a change to occur as clearly and as loudly as possible.

It is true that, more often than not, history repeats itself. As in life, music often travels full circle to dig up the roots of the past too. Agnostic Front encompass that vibe in a new healthy way that captures all the knowledge they have gained since their birth. All in all, Get Loud! is New York Hardcore as real and in-your-face as a brisk stroll through the busy streets of NYC. As alive as ever with their brand of ‘kick you in the face’ music, Cryptic Rock give Get Loud! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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