Alanis Morissette – The Collection (Vinyl Review)

There was a time in popular music where there was still value within the music industry when it came to singer-songwriters. A time where artists of this type were signed, developed, and promoted by major record labels, they also achieved much praise by media and listeners alike. Some might say that time has passed, but when reflecting on history, you can look at Alanis Morissette as one of the last artists of this golden era of popular music.

Involved in music professionally since the late ‘80s, Morissette made her debut in 1991 with Alanis, released Now Is the Time in 1992, but it was not until 1995 Jagged Little Pill she would reach new heights. An album which is the sign of a maturing artist and based on life experiences, it has sold over 33 million copies worldwide, and is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Responsible for Morrissette’s launch into superstardom, 1998’s Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and 2002’s Under Rug Swept were equally as impactful, selling millions of copies worldwide. Riding a wave of success thanks to her ever-progressing songwriting skills, 2004 saw the release of what call her most accessible album So-Called Chaos, and amazingly shortly after turning thirty years old, Morrissette had already compiled enough success to release a greatest hits album.

An achievement some artists wait many decades to attain, only ten years after the release of Jagged Little Pill, in 2005, Morrissette justifiably put out Alanis Morissette: The Collection. A greatest hits compilation, it is composed of material recorded between 1995 to 2005; including soundtrack and live cuts. A fixture in many fans’ collections as a go to when they want to indulge in Morissette’s distinctive style of music, now for the first time ever The Collection finds its way to vinyl. Released on August 25, 2023 by Rhino, it comes in a 2-LP ($34.98) on black vinyl, a transparent grape-vinyl version ($34.98) available exclusively from Target, or as a crystal-clear version for sale at local independent record stores.

With these options in mind, once you make your selection which copy to invest in, you are going to want to know what is in between the covers. Well, you get a lovely double vinyl gatefold jacket that includes all the track lyrics. This in mind, the sound quality is presence, perfectly capturing Morissette’s emotive singing as you dive deep into the words and themes behind each of the songs.

Presented with quality and care, Rhino gives Alanis Morissette fans plenty of reason to desire a copy of The Collection on vinyl. Why? Because she is the type of artist that really should be appreciated in a physical format of this type. An artist you should pay close attention to, sitting on the floor of a room, all while holding the jacket in-hand, gazing at the lyrics and artwork. A reminder that there will always be a place for singer-songwriters in this unstable world, Cryptic Rock gives this vinyl release of Alanis Morissette: The Collection 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Alanis Morissette: The Collection / Rhino (2023)

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