Alice And The Glass Lake – The Evolution (EP Review)

alice - Alice And The Glass Lake - The Evolution (EP Review)

Alice And The Glass Lake – The Evolution (EP Review)

media 05 - Alice And The Glass Lake - The Evolution (EP Review)

Sometimes in life we stubble along something unexpected. That is why it is so important to not box ourselves in and keep our ears, eyes, and mind open. New York based band Alice And the Glass Lake is clear example of this. Vocalist and song writer Alice Lake, native of Madison Wisconsin, began her journey with Alice And The Glass Lake three years ago. Three years of creating an artistic vision all her own based on real human emotion. The band now brings listeners a five-track EP entitled The Evolution.

Upon first listen to The Evolution listeners will be immediately drawn into the dream like atmosphere. The opening track “Higher” paves the way for a escape into a world of ambient sounds. With soothing synthesizers, dreamy guitar melody and the powerful voice of Alice Lake. “Tonight, Rest” is a track reminiscent vocal styling that of Dido. The guitars take on a Indian like quality. A calm and clear vocal delivery by Alice Lake complimented by an atmosphere ascending the listener deep into a trance. Building to the climax toward the end of the track where the drums and layered vocals take your breath away. “Luminous” is the next track on our journey. Alice Lake’s voice takes on an angel like quality resonating through your speakers. The acoustic guitar makes this one of the most complete tracks of the offering. There are so many layers of that will overwhelmed listeners with its beauty. “Paracosm” takes to the listener deeper into this dreamscape of sound. Being one of the most electronic tracks on the EP sound waves will rush through your body. The track “Coming Down” ends our journey. At this point the listener is at their deepest point into the dream of Alice Lake. A heaven like quality of sound and vocal bliss. It is not until midway through the track that the piano melody and drums kick completely our dream.

The Evolution is a dreamscape of sound. Alice Lake clearly has a vision and she has created a piece of art. With a dynamic vocal range and clear sense of mood her voice shines bright. Lyrically conveying honest feelings of escapism from a world of confusion into a fantasy of music. The most impressive part of it all is this fantasy is not just studio trickery and is just as perfectly performed in a live setting. Taking influence from various areas of music Alice Lake’s sound is diverse and refreshing. The Evolution is five tracks sampling of what Alice And The Glass Lake has to offer the world of music. It is music which paints a picture of a colorful vivid dream. CrypticRock give this album 5 out of 5 tracks.

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