Alien Abduction (Movie Review)

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Alien Abduction (Movie Review)

Based on terrifying true events, Alien Abduction uses found footage of a surviving alien abductee to put together the story of eleven-year-old Riley Morris (Riley Polanski), his father Peter (Peter Holden-The Social Network 2010, The Dark Knight Rises 2012), sister Jillian (Jillian Clare- Subugatory 2013, Clutch 2013), Corey (Corey Eid- Raising Hope 2010, Respire 2010) and mother Katie (Katherine Sigismund- The Taking of Pelham 123 2009, Transformers 2011) who go camping up in the Brown Mountains for a long weekend. The Government compiled lists of UFO sightings and abductions into Project Blue Book, and the Brown Mountain Lights is amongst them. Twenty-two people went missing after sightings of these lights in recent years and many of them never to be seen again. Released by IFC Midnight on April 4th,2014, penned by new writer Robert Lewis and directed by Matty Beckerman (The Experiment 2010), Alien Abduction is shown purely through the eyes of Riley Morris, who struggles to understand what is happening and why he is losing family members at a rate of knots.

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The first night, while the Morris’ are camping, their sleep is interrupted by seeing three bright lights in the sky that emit a very bright white beam. The lights disappear and they are able to go back to sleep without worry. Riley tapes the lights and they discuss it the next morning as they make their way to the next camp site further up the mountain. Peter plots the course in the GPS Navman, and they get on their way. Not long into their journey they start passing abandoned vehicles, the occupants nowhere to be found. When they reach a tunnel they must pass through, they find that there are numerous abandoned vehicles some showing damage and strange hand prints. Peter, Corey, and Riley with camera go and check it out to see how they can get past the cars to the other side as they are fast running out of gas and none of their phones or GPS are getting signals. They desperately search for a way out but they hear a loud screeching sound and are met by a creature not of this Earth. Peter is taken, leaving Corey and Riley to fend for themselves and find their mom Katie and Jillian. Corey and Riley have no time to explain the danger they are all in, but an alien force shows itself to them and they are on the run for their lives. They find assistance with a local resident Shaun (Jeff Bowser-Virtual Girl 1998, 1st Date 2014), who lets them in his cabin and they all arm themselves for a fight. More lights are seen and Brown Mountain seems to have become overrun by alien creatures with a mission to take everyone.

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Still from Alien Abduction

No matter what they do or where they go, whenever they find a little bit of hope and peace, it is quickly taken away. Scared and alone for the most part, Riley carries the movie with an eloquence of a much more experienced actor. A small cast carries this movie very well and the cinematography by Luke Geissbhler (Borat 2006, Get Smart 2008) and special effects are very well done with a sound and grounded plot. Special effects are amazing with a terrifying look at real events, and it appears there was only one survivor or person that made it back to Earth. The Brown Mountains boast many UFO sightings and the locals know something is going on, they just do not know exactly what it is. It is truly scary seeing people beamed up to a UFO in a bright white light, levitated above the ground, then broken to fit into a tube with more sightings taking place every day that are being documented, maybe we all need to be a little more careful. Beware of the white lights. Cryptic Rock scores Alien Abduction 5 out of 5.

Alien Abduction Poster High Resolution2 - Alien Abduction (Movie Review)
IFC Midnight Films

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