All Strippers Must Die! (Movie Review)

All Strippers Must Die! (Movie Review)

Indie filmmaking is the backbone of the cinema industry. It is a place filmmakers can take ideas Hollywood would more than likely never touch and have free range to create at will. Sometimes producing gems, and many times producing less than watchable material, but you really need to take the good with the bad.

All Strippers Must Die! still.

One of the biggest producers of B-rated Indie flicks come out of the Horror genre. A niche adored by many, the community supports one another, making each production a team effort. This in mind, who would not want to see a movie with the ridiculous title All Strippers Must Die!? Well that isn’t very nice, what did a stripper ever do to you? All joking aside, there is actually a film called All Strippers Must Die! and it is set for release on DVD Tuesday, July 10, 2018, through Wild Eye Releasing.

Initially released back in 2012 under the title The G-String Horror, and re-edited and re-released back in 2015 as The G-string Horror: Demon Cut, the average viewer may be confused before even turning on the film if we recap all the history of the Charles Webb written, directed, and co-produced film. Let’s just make it easy, the unrated ‘raw and extreme’ edition of the film is package by Wild Eye under the clever title All Strippers Must Die!.

With that out of the way, you are probably wondering what could this film possibly be about based on either the elder or new title? Letting your imagination run wild, maybe a throwback Slasher? No. Maybe something like Lamberto Bava’s 1985 Demons where a bunch of people are trapped in a theater with demons taking over? Guess again. So what the hell is this movie about?

All Strippers Must Die! still.

Well, All Strippers Must Die! is a pseudo-documentary Horror film. Great, another found footage film. Alright, to be fair it is not all found footage, it is a mix of found footage and interviews. The story is about a production company who are shooting what was originally supposed to be a Horror film inside Market Street Theater in San Francisco, California. The theater, over 100-years-old is apparently haunted and has a creepy history. Originally a movie house, then an X-rated theater, then a strip club, the movie crew are in the theater looking to document the stories told by former and current employees. Essentially what the film is trying to convey is this theater is inhabited by something more than big ta-tas.

Overall an interesting concept, Webb attempts at making All Strippers Must Die! feel like a real documentary. As stated, there are clips of reportedly found footage, some interviews of ‘real accounts,’ but also some crude sequences mixed into it all.  The bottomline, if found footage/ fake documentary Horror is your type of thing, perhaps you may dig this. Others may find the film a bit boring or hard to watch or even follow.

All Strippers Must Die! still.

Again, this is low-budget, so no one should go in with high expectations. The one thing you can give Webb and his crew credit for is their usage of location, because there truly are some creepy and dark atmospheres mixed in here and there. A film only recommended for fans of mockumentary style Horror or those who like ghost hunting, CrypticRock gives All Strippers Must Die! 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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