Alter Bridge glorious at The Paramount Huntington, NY 10-12-14

Alter Bridge glorious at The Paramount Huntington, NY 10-12-14

American Hard Rock band Alter Bridge has risen to one of the top acts in the genre since their inception a decade ago.  Formed from the core of powerhouse Post-Grunge band Creed with lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips, the final ingredient was the addition of former The Mayfield Four vocals Myles Kennedy.  Spending the years writing, recording, and touring all over, Alter Bridge continue to impress audiences and pick up new fans along the way.  Now supporting their fourth, and perhaps most complete album, Fortress, on the final leg of touring in 2014, Alter Bridge made a stop at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on Sunday October 12th with Like a Storm and California Breed.  Having performed in NYC six months earlier, the rare Long Island appearance was already looking to be a hit as a packed house showed up in anticipation to see the show.

First to the stage was New Zealand natives Like A Storm.  Easily one of the hardest working, fan-friendly young bands in Hard Rock, Like A Storm continue to make strides within the scene with a hit single on Rock radio and a passion for music that runs deep.  Comprised of three brothers; Chris Brooks (vocals/guitar/didgeridoo), Matt Brooks (vocals/guitar), and Kent Brooks (bass/vocals/ keys), the band made the bold decision to leave home and transplant themselves to North America in hopes for further pursuing their dreams.  Easy to see that passion and dedication pays off, Like A Storm continues to find themselves on tour with some of Rock’s best as they make their mark.

As Chris walked out with a didgeridoo in hand, the crowd immediately was taken back as many had not seen this foreign instrument before.  Playing the song “Chemical Infatuation,” the heavy sound of Like A Storm mixed with Chris’ smooth voice, continuing to keep attention and really blew everyone away during the powerful anthem “Never Surrender.”  As a song built for arenas, the band went on with “Just Save Me,” a unique cover of Coolio’s “Gangster Paradise,” and “Enemy.” Bringing with them their niche dedicated following, that grows every day, fans were chanting and throwing their fists in the air showing support for the Brooks brothers.  Seeming in extremely high spirits and grateful to be on stage rocking, they even played their newest single “Wish You Hell” before wrapping up their set with their soaring hit single “Love The Way You Hate Me.”  While many did not know of Like A Storm prior to this performance, all were left with a lasting impression they will soon not forget.

Next on the bill was newly formed Rock outfit California Breed that is built around legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), guitarist/vocalist Andrew Watt, and extraordinary drummer Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age).  Formed with the mission to rock and rock hard, California Breed take the best of Modern styling and combine it with the soul of classic tones that cannot be denied.  Releasing their self-titled debut album back in May via Frontier Records, the band is making a buzz and this crowd was curious to see what was in store.

Walking out in a black leather trench coat, Hughes was followed by Watt wearing a leather jacket and snake skin boots, immediately giving off the vibe that this was going to be one gritty Rock show.  Delivering the goods, they kicked off with riff driven “The Grey” where everyone cheered enthusiastically.  Playing on with more of their original tunes including “All Falls Down” and “Sweet Tea,” Hughes’ ear-tingling pitch, complemented by Watt’s impeccable guitar skills and Castillo’s intricate drumming, was an impressive eye-opening set.  Playing to the crowd and adding to their excitement, Hughes interacted any chance he had as their set concluded with a killer cover of 1974 Deep Purple track “Burn.”  Those unfamiliar with California Breed need to take the time and check this Classic Rock fans’ dream come true.

Following two worthy supporting acts, The Paramount began to swell as a crowd of energized fans gathered close and tight to the front of the barricades awaiting Alter Bridge.  Opening with the blistering Thrash-like riff of “Addicted to Pain,” Kennedy looked out into the crowd with a massive grin and belted out the pitch perfect notes.  Sharing in the contagious joy on stage, Tremonti fed off Kennedy and the audience, gliding up and down his guitar like the professional he is as they played on with a mix of older tunes like “Come To Life” and “Ties That Blind” among Fortress offerings such as “Bleed It Dry” and “Cry of Achilles.”   Showing the immense camaraderie they share together on stage, the members of Alter Bridge joked playful with one another and proved to be a band of brothers that have united over tenure together.

Playing on, with Tremonti singing along passionately on the heavy “Farther Than the Sun,” a massive clapping chant was received during his guitar solo.  Keeping that warm tingling sensation flowing, Kennedy wowed with “Broken Wings” as everyone sang along; amplifying the noise to ground shaking levels.  Showing that their ability to change up their set each time out, Kennedy went into a stripped down acoustic performance of “Watch Over You,” but not before bringing a couple onto the stage where a man proposed to his girlfriend in front of all to see.  Taken by the moment, Kennedy expressed his happiness for the two and came across sincerely stating he loves seeing people come together.  Winding down the set with 2010’s “Isolation,” there was no sign of exhaustion by anyone as cheers came pouring down for more.  Fittingly opening the encore with mega hit “Open Your Eyes,” the true adrenaline came moments later where Tremonti and Kennedy exchanged an amazing dueling guitar solo.  Justifying there are two vastly talented guitarists in Alter Bridge, fans showed ample appreciation as the night wrapped up with fan-favorite “Rise Today.”

Alter Bridge continues to be a band that puts on a stellar live performance filled with dynamic heart-pumping energy.  The fact that they appear to be thoroughly enjoying everything they perform on stage simply adds to the atmosphere and only makes fans want to come back for more.  While the touring cycle for Alter Bridge may have drawn to a close, one can hope for more shows in 2015.

 Read an in-depth interview with Mark Tremonti:

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  • Damian Mastrapasqua
    Posted at 01:28h, 31 October Reply

    My favorite band since their inception in 2004. By far the most talented & best band out there today. I was at the show on Oct.12 @ The Paramount in Huntington,NY. Like A Storm killed it,great up & coming band. When AB got on stage & Myles gave a huge smile & kicked into Addicted To Pain I was thanking God because I was finally getting to see my favorite band in the world & was just standing in awe listening to Myles’ unbelievable voice & Mark Tremonti’s heavy riffs complemented by Brian & Flip throwing down the rythym. What an awesome band can’t wait for them to come back to NY. I know they have a much bigger following in Europe & I wish people here in the U.S. Would get there heads out of their asses & wake up! I’ve been a diehard AB fan from day one & they’ve just gotten better & better as the years go by. Keep rocking boys. Music for me is food for my soul & I get my full every time I listen to you guys!!

    Damian Mastrapasqua

  • scott canham
    Posted at 12:48h, 03 November Reply

    That Couple was Us…..( & )… A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MYLES, MARK, SCOTT, BRIAN, and EVERYONE in the ALTER BRIDGE MANAGEMENT and CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an AWESOME NIGHT, one that we will never forget.!!!! EVER. Gentleman, you are so Humble, Grateful, Genuinely Nice. Thank You ! The day was already, one you look back at for the rest of your life, and just smile..!!!! (sound check, meet and greet and the show).. That would have been enough. But You Graciously accommodated me, and invited us to watch the show from side stage, and let me Propose to the Love of my Life in front all to see…INCREDIBLE !!!! Myles Congratulated and Hugged us on stage and went on to play “Watch Over You”, a song that brought Tonimarie and I together, after both getting out of bad relationships ourselves. . When we got off stage , Mark came over to give his Blessings, We talked and when Myles got to the part of the song where he asks the crowd to sing along, Mark stopped and said, ” This is my favorite part of the night.” Hearing the crowd sing the chorus…… AGAIN THANK YOU ,,,,THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Wedding will be the next ALTER BRDIGE Concert in NEW YORK…..

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