Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky (Album Review)

Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky (Album Review)

Forking over one of the most widely anticipated new releases in Hard Rock, Alter Bridge return to front and center with their brand new album,Walk The Sky, slated for arrival on Friday, October 18th, 2019 on Napalm Records.

Though it seems like yesterday, it is hard to believe Alter Bridge first arrived out of the sunshine state of Florida back in 2004, fifteen years ago folks! Giving their all, Alter Bridge has taken Rock to another level and won over audiences worldwide with their vast and brightly raging brand of modernized Hard Rock. Individually, Alter Bridge consists of four almighty musicians who have been a part of this band since day one.

Co-captains of sorts, Vocalist/Guitarist Myles Kennedy and Lead Guitarist Mark Tremonti are at the center of the Alter Bridge soundscape, delivering electrifying qualities both vocally and musically that are difficult to put into words. All in all, one could say Kennedy and Tremonti are the “Mick & Keith” of Alter Bridge thanks to the duos amazing chemistry. Completing team Alter Bridge, Bassist Brian Marshall and Drummer Scott Phillips hold it all together as the concrete rhythm section that gives the Alter Bridge sound a hammering and intimately crisp feel.

Ready to take on the world once again, Alter Bridge began releasing singles off Walk The Sky back in June in order to promote their first collection of new material since 2016’s The Last Hero. Though it has been a three year hiatus from new music, Alter Bridge did curb their fans appetites a bit with two live albums, 2017’s Live At The O2 Arena and 2018’s Live At The Royal Albert Hall (feat. The Parrallax Orchestra). Coming together, Alter Bridge continued their longtime collaboration with Producer Michael Baskette by once again bringing him on board to produce Walk The Sky. When all was said and done, Walk The Sky unveiled fourteen new Alter Bridge tracks for fans to crank up.

Anxiously pressing play, Walk The Sky begins with the heartbeat like pull of guitar strings for the intro “One Life.” This perfectly leads into the first single “Wouldn’t You Rather” for a profound opening. Immediately, listeners will be gripped by Alter Bridge’s familiar blueprint for Rock that jumps right out of the speakers after just one track. Then, the cleansing arrangement of “In The Deep” will light up your mind while the euphoric “Godspeed” is highlighted by well placed keyboards and is a pleasure to hear. Pressing on, Alter Bridge does not hold back as cuts like the warrior track “Native Son,” a championed “Take The Crown,” “Indoctrination,” “The Bitter End,” and “Pay No Mind,” are nothing short of notable.

A staple to Alter Bridge albums, Tremonti sings perhaps his best lead vocal while performing the heaviest opening riff so far on “Forever Falling.” Keeping with the heavy stuff, “Clear Horizon” can make any listener feel like they are watching the sun rise before the enigmatic melody poured on by “Walking On The Sky.” A top three in the list of best songs on Walk The Sky, “Tear Us Apart” lifts your attention with an endearing melody of dramatic proportions before we end at the “Dying Light.”

Inspiring all the way through, Alter Bridge’s Walk The Sky is music full of purity, freedom, renewed life, and an album that will allow anyone going through tough times to see the world in a new light. For years now, the nature of the Alter Bridge beast has been to give fans music with heart. Nothing shocking, but Alter Bridge have reached these heights once again, so much so, that Walk The Sky might just be Alter Bridge’s best album. A must listen, Cryptic Rock gives Walk The Sky 5 out of 5 stars.

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