American Monster debut “The Hourglass” on CrypticRock

Hot new band, American Monster, out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has been building a buzz since their inception this year. Comprised of former New Years Day Bassist Tyler Burgess on lead vocals, along with Chris Nokia on drums, as well as Guitarists Brody DeRozie and Logan Thayer, the band is ready to set the world on fire with their heavy, yet melodic sound. Those wondering what the band sounds like, think crushing guitars, emotional, but fierce, vocals, and a touch of Industrial vibe flowing through their veins.

Now they are set to unleash their debut single “The Hourglass” to the masses with an exclusive premiere on CrypticRock. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming EP, Make It Hurt, which is set to be released in late Summer or early Fall of this year. “The song is about being relentless. Never giving up. Never selling out,” explains Burgess. “We all strive for success, but would you sacrifice what supports you in order to wear the crown? What’s more important: fame or stability? Are you willing to kill yourself every night to find out what the life you’ve dreamt about for years is really like? There is no way of knowing whether or not you will succeed. You’ll burn out. You won’t know who you are anymore. You’ll fail to put priorities in their proper order. But you’ve got to look past all of that and work your ass off for what you want.” Take a listen to “Hourglass” below.

American Monster are scheduled to play their debut show in Las Vegas directly after the release of Make It Hurt, followed by one in Los Angeles, so watch out for them.

For more on American Monster: Facebook | Twitter

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  • I know Tyler and how much he’s safaticed. So proud of him. Hard work does payoff! .

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