An Unforgettable Evening With Sevendust at The Emporium Patchogue, NY 5-8-14

An Unforgettable Evening With Sevendust at The Emporium Patchogue, NY 5-8-14

Sevendust is known as one of the most adrenaline pumping live hard rock bands around.  While the band has been known to provoke moshing they also have a dynamic side to their sound which was brought to life on Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live.  After being treated to this magnificent album, fans have remained hungry for over the past decade for another journey into Sevendust’s stripped down acoustic world.  That same fan support ignited the band to go into the studio and record some new acoustic tracks and re-record some classics on the new acoustic album  Time Travelers & Bonfires.   With one wish granted the next wish followed shortly thereafter with the announcement of a full blown acoustic tour dubbed ‘An Evening With Sevendust’.  For many this tour has been long overdue. The closest most had come to it was watching the DVD of Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live over and over again.   On Thursday May 8th as the month long trek began to wind down Sevendust pulled up to The Emporium in Patchogue, NY to give fans the show they have been waiting for.

With fans piling into the venue, the place was packed by the time Sevendust was ready to hit the stage, which is a testament to the band’s popularity considering Volbeat and Trivium were playing twenty five miles northwest of here at The Paramount.  With the mood lighting set and a stools set up in front of the stage, music stands decorated in white lights mid-stage, and drum kit in the far right corner, Lajon Witherspoon,  Clint Lowery, John Connolly, Vince Hornsby, and Morgan Rose walked out one by one.  Opening up with “Trust” the band poured out strong natural tones as Witherspoon sang powerfully and passionately.  As the set went on, songs like “Prayer”, “Crucified”, and “Xmas Day” followed and everyone was in bliss as they attentively watched the band perform.  Witherspoon undeniably feels every ounce of emotion while on stage and that raw energy translated in amazing fashion for this more relaxed setting.  In the performance you could see Witherspoon feeling the vibe of each tune and in cool fashion holding out his hand to the audience as if to say wait a minute and then belting out line after line.

Each member of Sevendust has their own unique qualities which allow them to standout distinctively on stage but also make them sound so cohesively unified as a band as they play.  When Lowery took the lead on “Skeleton Song” a awestruck calm came over the room.  Everyone was well aware of Lowery’s amazing singing ability but to see him take on such a beautiful song in a such an unforgiving naked fashion was truly remarkable.  While many wanted to sing out each word loudly they refrained so that they could enjoy the experience to its fullest extent.  Witherspoon as gracious as always thanked the audience for supporting them in the recording of Time Travelers & Bonfires and reassured the dedicated following that without them there would be no Sevendust.  That led into the new track “The Wait”.  Witherspoon explained the meaning behind the song and how it is dedicated to Lowery’s father who had passed away.  Having this added sentimental meaning to the song made the live performance that much more emotional and resonated in the heart of everyone there who has lost someone close to them at one point or another.

With so many emotions released on stage the room was tranquil and remained in place the entire set.  Sevendust mixed things up a bit with the excellent re-arrangement of “Denial”.  While tracks such as this may not always transfer well into an acoustic format the band has hit it right on the head with their stripped down take.  Making their fans feel like extended family is a trait the band has always possessed and this type of performance brought the audience that much closer to the songs.  Each piece was unique, equally as touching, and well performed.  With so many memorable moments it would be impossible to pinpoint the climax of this show.  However, many fans have reveled in the idea of seeing the band re-produce the magic of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt” as they did a decade ago.  That idea became reality as Lowery took the lead singing once again, strumming his guitar, and stopped the show with vibrant inflections and tones.  Applauds and whistling filled the air as the band played until the very end when early tune “Black” closed another chapter in Sevendust lore.

This was a concert going experience like no other, the type of show that only comes around once in a lifetime.  Fans could only sigh and then cheer excessively as they had just witnessed an entire performance of perfection.  Sevendust is not just a band doing acoustic shows for the sake of doing it, they are right in their element and nailed it right on the head.   Unquestionably ‘An Evening With Sevendust’ was one of the best tours of 2014 thus far.


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