Angels & Airwaves – Lifeforms (Album Review)

After going on hiatus with Blink182 back in 2005, Tom DeLonge went off to form Angels & Airwaves (AVA), arguably one of his best creations since Box Car Racer. Now, making a big return, Angels & Airwaves are back with their brand new album Lifeforms.

Briefly taking a look back, if you are a fan you remembers way back in 2006 when Angels & Airwaves first made their big splash with the debut album We Don’t Need To Whisper. Included the hits “The Adventure” and “The War,” the album went on to reach no 4 on the billboard 200. Since then, they have released 4 more albums, with until recently their last being 2014’s The Dream Walker.

Which leads us to Lifeforms, out on Friday, September 24, 2021 through Rise Records. An album created by Founder Tom DeLonge (lead vocals, guitar, synths), along Ilan Rubin (drums, guitar, backing vocals, synths), David Kennedy (guitar), plus Matt Rubano (bass), it could be one of their most solid lineups to date.

Complete with 10 songs the album begins with “Timebomb.” An inspirational song, it features lyrics such as “There are still things to discover, it’s possible to hang on” placed in front of edgy upbeat music that gives some hope for those that may feel lost and on the verge of giving up. From here Lifeforms keeps with a consistent a story, one that is about relationships, family, and self-awareness. 

For example, “Losing My Mind” is a track which speaking of the chaos in our minds and how crazy things have gotten all around us. And although DeLonge is speaking mainly of himself in the song, it is easy for anyone to relate to the words in some shape or form. Focusing more on the lyrical content, if you are fan, you also know DeLonge has never had a problem speaking his mind in anything he does. That candid ability leads him to mention his thoughts that let us know that we are not alone in the universe. We also are given some insight to just how lowly he things of the government, something that most everyone can absolutely relate to these days as well. Nonetheless, the song still manages to be fun and upbeat.

Speaking of which, the singles “Rebel Girl” and “Kiss & Tell” both have a sound that sticks with you, plus making you want to get up and start moving. First the keys in “Rebel Girl” creates a catchy vibe that mixes exceptionally well with the synths and drums. This is while “Kiss & Tell” possesses a ton of energy that is impossible to deny. Which leads us to Angels & Airwaves artistic approach to crafting music. While they are experimental in nature, their spacy out of this world style stands out most with synth and guitar saturated; a prime example of this comes with “Euphoria.” Following a very similar stylistic approach, “Spellbound,” as well as “Restless Souls,” are equally bold moments to look out for too. 

Overall Lifeforms is very relatable. It provides a sense of hope and inspiration in dark times, but it is also true to form for Angels & Airwaves. Without a doubt some of their best work to date, Cryptic Rock gives Lifeforms 5 out of 5 stars. 

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