Anthony Raneri – Sorry State Of Mind (Album Review)

Anthony Raneri – Sorry State Of Mind (Album Review)


Hailing from Queens, New York, Bayside has been one of the most celebrated modern Punk bands to come into the scene over the past fifteen years. Fronted by Anthony Raneri, the band has so far released six charted albums, from 2004’s Sirens and Condolences to their 2014 effort, Cult. Amidst the busy schedule of touring and writing with Bayside, Raneri has eked out some time to work on his solo material over the past few years, and now has finally released his brand new EP, Sorry State Of Mind, on June 30, 2015 via Hopeless Records. The album is composed of six structurally different songs with a running time of approximately twenty minutes.

Showing his vast range of talent, Raneri begins Sorry State Of Mind with the song “Smithereens,” an alluring, acoustic track sprinkled throughout with Jazz elements. Raneri’s capable voice carries the emotional verses while telling a charming story on a the track that lasts a mere minute. This leads into “Gone,” a somber song about saying goodbye and letting go that continues to tell the melancholy story of broken dreams and lost love, all in a textured mix of acoustic instruments and synth in the chorus that make for an fascinating track. Structured around a plaintive piano, “No Good” is a complex, measured song offering advice about life. It is one that will make the listener think deeply and seek answers to questions they may already be asking.

The title track, “Sorry State Of Mind,” is a little more upbeat and hopeful. Taking on a Country Folk sound, this song is about accepting a situation and trying to change for the benefit of another. “I Never Want To Fix Myself Again” is a much happier song about overcoming troubles, from simple problems to much heavier issues such as addiction. Raneri’s sincerity shines brightly through the track both lyrically as well as vocally that follow along with the catchy sounds behind him as the guitars amp up distortion in the chorus. Concluding this earnest collection of songs is “Run and Stumble,” a heartfelt ode about Raneri’s grandmother. Primarily just the vocalist and a single acoustic guitar for most of its running time, the final minute of the track picks up with piano and drums for a colorful wind down.

Sorry State Of Mind is a graceful, radiant EP that combines a variety of contrasting musical styles. The album runs the gamut from Jazz to Acoustic and even takes the plunge into some catchy Rock melodies. The lyrics tell relatable, true stories that fans both new and old will enjoy. Every single song has a great hook that will get stuck in the listener’s head. Even when the twenty minute run time is over, those earwig choruses will dance around the thoughts inside one’s head, urging them to play the record all over again. CrypticRock gives Sorry State Of Mind 4 out of 5 stars.


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