Armistice (Movie Review)

Armistice 2013 Movie Poster1 - Armistice (Movie Review)

Armistice (Movie Review)

Like a twisted Groundhog Day (1993)Armistice is the newest movie from Writer and Director Luke Massey (500 Miles North 2014), co-written by Benjamin Read (500 Miles North 2014) and released by XLrator Media on DVD on March 11, 2014.  Originally called Warhouse, the film is about A.J. Budd (Joseph Morgan- The Vampire Diaries, Angels Crest 2011), who is a Royal Marine Solider trapped in a hell he had never imagined. Each day he wakes in the same small house to face the same breakfast wearing his dress uniform. Promptly at 9 AM, each day he is attacked by a supernatural creature and he must while away his time to keep from going insane.

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Still from Armistice

When he has been there a little while, Bud finds the memoirs of a previous tenant, Edward Sterling (Matt Ryan- Flypaper 2011, 500 Miles North 2014), also a Soldier suggesting he is certainly not the first to be in this strange purgatory. He is able to manipulate the world to some extent once he learns its rules: You are fed and watered each day, the same food forever, the houses never changes no matter what you do to it; everyday when the bell rings you must fight the unholy creature or die. You must prepare for war, or die. The creatures are similar to those seen by Jack in American Werewolf in London (1981) and make a similar horrid screeching.

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Still from Armistice

Budd must find a way to keep his mind and person occupied, or fear going completely insane, dreaming the same dream of war each night. Occasionally, sometimes they can change minor things, but no matter how much damage they do to the house, by the next morning, it is back to exactly the same imposing way. The creatures keep coming, so Bud finds inventive ways to kill or torture them, not giving up hope, even when it seems almost impossible.  Why is Budd doomed to repeat each day in a cruel hell after serving his country during the war? Will he find a way to escape this tortuous purgatory by being braver than its previous tenants? An ingenious look at the damage war does to our soldiers, and incredibly sad thinking that after all that, they still do not get any peace, carrying around their physical and mental scars forever.

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Still from Armistice

Armistice is an original take on the Horror movie, focusing on the psychological aspects of Horror in collaboration with blood and gore. It is quite a bleak intense movie, deeply layered and twisted, with plenty of suspense.  Definitely well-worth a watch. CrypticRock gives Armistice 4 out of 5 stars.

Armistice 2013 Movie Poster - Armistice (Movie Review)
XLrator Media

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