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Asking Alexandria – Where Do We Go From Here? (Album Review)

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Initially forming in 2006, the British Metal band Asking Alexandria found success at quite a young age. Starting in 2009 with their debut album Stand Up and Scream, they were one of the hottest acts at the time. This poured over into 2011’s Reckless & Relentless and 2013’s From Death to Destiny, two albums which further separated them from other bands on the Metalcore scene. Riding high, Asking Alexandria were headlining tours, playing the main stage of large festivals and seemingly could do no wrong.

Moving forward, Lead Vocalist Danny Wornsop opted to leave the band in 2015. A shocking turn of events in the eyes of fans, what really happened was a growth period for both Wornsop and his bandmates – Ben Bruce (guitar), Cameron Laddell (guitar), Sam Bentley (bass), and James Cassells (drums). Reuniting once more in late 2016, Asking Alexandria has been a very different band ever since. What does this mean? It means they matured both as musicians and as people; resulting in more progression within their music. Releasing Like a House on Fire in 2020, followed by See What’s on the Inside in 2021, now they return in 2023 with Where Do We Go from Here?

Their third full-length studio record in four years, one could say that Asking Alexandria is burning the midnight oil. A lot of music to release in such a relatively short span of time, it seems like they have found a stride. Released on August 25th through Better Noise Music, Where Do We Go from Here? is significantly different from the two prior records in more recent history, but that is not a negative thing. A heavy album, it is also further proof of their willingness to explore.

Consisting of 11 tracks that last just under 40 minutes, the album has respectfully charted in the UK, plus it had a good head start, led by three strong singles including “Dark Void,” Bad Blood,” and the number 1 hit “Psycho.” All offering different faces of the band, as mentioned, there are really a lot of interesting ideas swirling around Where Do We Go from Here?

Breaking it down, examples of some of the strongest tracks would have to be the melancholy ballad “Bad Blood,” the energetic, electronic “Things Could Be Different,” the sweet mix of softer and heavier versatility of Wornsop’s singing on “Letting Go,” and of course, the very catchy single “Psycho.” This is while songs such as “Feel” evokes a good deal of thought, reflecting on memories, while the album title-track is a very sweet, yet sad moment where Wornsop softens his voice once more for a very heartfelt conclusion to the record.

All in all, Where Do We Go From Here? is definitely a mixture of feelings. There is heartache, angst, but yet calm resolution amidst it all. Combining heavier Metalcore with Electronic and even more Grunge elements, Asking Alexandria makes it work in their own special way. Furthermore, Wornsop showcases his lyrically and singing skills in perhaps their grand fashion to date. A strong step forward for a talented band with their best years still ahead of them, Cryptic rock gives Where Do We Go From Here? 4 out of 5 stars.   

Asking Alexandria - Where Do We Go From Here? album artwork
Asking Alexandria – Where Do We Go From Here? / Better Noise Music (2023)

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