Attila & I See Stars bring the New Kings Tour to Starland Ballroom, NJ 2-1-14

In many ways, Attila taps into the carefree spirit that rock music has been about since its inception. That is what really makes them stand out among a scene, that they claim, does not know how to cut loose and have a good time. That is why when heading out on the New Kings Tour, this Atlanta based band had one goal in mind, to have fun and find other bands that wanted to as well. Hand selecting the bands, which consists of I See Stars, Capture The Crown, Ice Nine Kills, and upcoming Myka,Relocate; it was clear they picked the perfect lineup for this mentality. The second date of this tour swung through New Jersey, stopping at the ever popular Starland Ballroom in Sayerville on Saturday February 1st. The audience was filled with a healthy mix of people that looked to be excited for all the bands on the ticket.

After pushing their way through the doors to get the best spot, concert goers stood eagerly awaiting the first act of the tour package, Myka,Relocate. As of 2011, the band had become a local favorite in the Louisiana metal scene. With the addition of Houston natives Ritter and Swank, the lineup finally became solidified, honing a dual vocal attack that is as scorching as it is soaring. At heart, it is that two-pronged assault which separates the band from the normality in the scene. They cling tightly to that universal truth on their full-length debut via Artery Recordings and Razor & Tie entitled Lies to Light the Way, released in October 2013. Both vocalists rocketed from side to side looking as seasoned as a band that has been doing it twice as long, the audience responded well and gave their approval through cheering and singing out loud.

Keeping the energy going, Boston, MA natives Ice Nine Kills showed up on stage with something to prove. With lead vocalist Spencer jumping into the crowd two songs in, fans going crazy while holding him above them as if he were a god among men , they were off to a good start of proving themselves. Throughout the set smiles were prevalent among band-mates JD (Guitar), Connor (Drums), and Justin (Bass) as well as everyone in attendance. Having recently released their newest album The Predator Becomes the Prey through Fearless Records, Ice Nine Kills has been riding a wave of success; which is only steadily growing with each passing performance.

Next on the agenda were Sydney, Australia based metal core band Capture The Crown. Formed in early 2010, the group released their debut single “You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!”, promoting the video through its YouTube channel and reaching five million views within a year. Three more successful singles followed in 2012 and the band traveled to the U.S. to record its debut LP Till Death, at revered metal producer Cameron Mizell’s Change Studios in Florida. Capture The Crown joined the Sumerian Records roster and their album was released in late 2012. In 2013, the group released a new single called “All Hype, All Night” and embarked on their first headlining tour. Later that year, Capture the Crown parted ways with Sumerian and continued working on their follow-up album on their own. Their new EP Live Life is scheduled for release days after this show; they jumped on tour with I See Stars and Attila. It was instantly clear they had brought a huge amount of people through the doors at Starland Ballroom. Vocalist Jefferey Wellfare had a blast standing before the crowd uncontrollably, evening bursting out laughing at one point. Making the most of their time on stage they put on a strong performance which pleased their impressive fan base. After what seemed like a few minutes, the energetic band completed their 5 song set and made way for I See Stars.

The Michigan residing, electronic rock band, I See Stars are veterans when it comes to getting a crowd moving while simultaneously breaking genre stereo types. That is why it was to no surprise that Attila picked them for this tour of fun and calamity. Opening their set with the fitting song “Initialization Sequence”, the crowd went crazy jumping and bouncing; it looked like a European club had over taken the ballroom. Playing mostly songs from their newest release New Demons, their explosive set ended rather quickly to adoring fans. Fans applauded and quickly started chanting “suck my fuck”, a popular lyric from Attila, anticipating their arrival on stage.

Starting off with the ever popular anthem “Middle Fingers Up”, Chris Fronzak (better known as “Fronz”) stood with a middle finger to the crowd as fans roared and the show began for Attila. With a set, music, and attire resembling a hybrid of a rap concert with a grunge show, Attila are definitely setting a trend and defining a whole new genre. Playing songs entitled “Shots For The Boys”,” Sex Drugs Violence”, and “About That Life”, it is clear that the band revolves around partying and a good time. With catchy quick rap vocals and heavy bass drops for all, there was something intriguing in the air as they played and strut back and forth across stage. Everyone in Starland Ballroom left satisfied and ready to continue the night’s party. The tour has only just begun to makes its way through many more states, go check it out for yourself and see what the New Kings Tour is all about.

Written by Jesse Murch

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