Lisa Burke

You'll Never Find Me movie

You’ll Never Find Me (Movie Review)

Isolating oneself from the rest of the world certainly has its ups and downs. Directed by Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell, their new film You’ll Never Find Me revolves around the main character Patrick (Brendan Rock: The Stranger 2022, Carnifex 2022) aiming to do just ... Read More
GOST - Prophecy

Gost – Prophecy (Album Review)

Sometimes collaborative efforts make an album soar, and sometimes to get it right… it just needs to be accomplished alone. The case with James Lollar and his project Gost; a one mind, one man band of unique artistry in the Electronic, Synthwave, and Black Metal ... Read More
The movie poster for T.I.M.

T.I.M. (Movie Review)

As we begin the year 2024, it also comes with plenty of new technologies; this includes everything from medical treatments to improvements in artificial intelligence. In fact, there have been plenty of films about the subject of A.I., including the 2001 masterpiece A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Now ... Read More
Myrkur - Spine art

Myrkur – Spine (Album Review)

Scandinavian mythology unified with Folk and Black Metal have been around for decades, coexisting peacefully despite the obvious differences in ultimate expression. In more recent renditions of these genres, musical artists have mixed and mingled with the guttural verses the serene. In 2014, the beginning ... Read More

The Exorcist: Believer (Movie Review)

One of the dominating trends in Horror films in recent years has been to recreate old masterpiece tales. Unfortunately, they can never live up to the value of the originals. While it is good to introduce younger generations to classic ’70s and ’80s Horror films, ... Read More