Misty Wallace

Darlin’ (Movie Review)

Labeled as “the scariest man in America” by the acclaimed Master of Horror Stephen King, Jack Ketchum (the pen name for Dallas Mayr) is responsible for writing some of the most horrifically cruel and realistically violent fiction novels – many of which were later made ... Read More

Killer Unicorn (Movie Review)

Legendary and majestic in nature, the unicorn has long been revered as a symbol of virtues like beauty, freedom, courage, joy, healing, and purity. So much so, in fact, that King Robert officially adopted it as Scotland’s national animal in the late 14th Century, though ... Read More

Deep Murder (Movie Review)

The world of softcore porn is not a very deep world to penetrate, as it is thronged with stock characters. It lacks any real plot or purpose and does more for one’s amusement than their intended arousal. On the other hand, the world of softcore ... Read More

Unwritten (Movie Review)

The best authors often lead tortured lives, having inspiration birthed from a troubled past or unstable present. Just one element often witnessed within the basic composition of any valuable writer, to properly be able to tell a great story from start to finish is far ... Read More

Shed of the Dead (Movie Review)

A zombie apocalypse… one of the most ridiculous catastrophic events a person could ever hope to be ready for, but nonetheless, one which some geeks and nerds have presumably been preparing for their entire lives. The debates are endless, spanning from the ideal location to ... Read More

All Creatures Here Below (Movie Review)

The ability to survive in today’s world is a struggle that discriminates against no one, dropping off dissimilar trials and tribulations at the doorstep of each and every individual. The skills necessary to overcome such vicissitudes of life are typically learned throughout the course of ... Read More