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A Late Thaw (Movie Review)

Short film A Late Thaw, created by Director and Writer Kim Barr (Attachment 2009, Elevator 2013), deals with heavy themes of loss and moving on after the death of a significant other. Art that discusses these topics typically leans on emotional impact in order to ... Read More

Cult of Luna – Mariner (Album Review)

Metal is traditionally a genre of extremes. Music that evokes imagery of decapitations and demon worship is not often thought of as effective ambient music, but yet Mariner by Cult of Luna fits this description skillfully while maintaining the characteristic heavy sound. Formed from the ... Read More

HÆLOS – Full Circle (Album Review)

Out of London, England, the band known as HÆLOS is one that immediately provokes interest. Comprised as a trio, Arthur Delaney (vocals), Dom Goldsmith (vocals, keys), and Lotti Benardout (vocals), if someone has not heard of  HÆLOS that may be because they have not existed very long. ... Read More

Ragnarok – Psychopathology (Album Review)

In Disney films, flutes are used to illustrate songbirds; delicate creatures with an affinity for showing affection and an inclination towards the kind of helpfulness that might assist with daily chores. In a similar manner, Black Metal band Ragnarok’s latest album, Psychopathology, could be used to ... Read More