Cara McWilliam

River Wild (Movie Review)

Inspired by the 1994 classic, River Wild is a reimagining of The River Wild and a standalone sequel. Starring Adam Brody (The O.C. series, Ready or Not 2019), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl series, The Roommate 2021) and Taran Killam (12 Years a Slave 2013, Brother Nature 2016), the film ... Read More

Wolf Hollow (Movie Review)

Lycanthropy has always lent itself well to the genre of Horror. A human being’s limbs being stretched and transformed into a creature who hunts in a pack and is out for blood certainly allows for some horror shenanigans. Indeed there is an entire subgenre of ... Read More

The Wendigo (Movie Review)

The found footage genre is a really tricky genre to get right. There was a time when found footage was all the rage and audiences had a whole slew of new, both bad and good, films to choose from. Recently, the genre has quieted down ... Read More

The Passenger (Movie Review)

Released on August 4, 2023 through Paramount Home Entertainment On Demand and Digital, The Passenger opens with a scene familiar to many of us. The sun rises as a young man makes his way to work. The young man in question is twenty-one-year-old Randy Bradley ... Read More

Holistay (Movie Review)

There is a new subgenre of Horror films in which unsuspecting people book an Airbnb and upon arrival find that there is something amiss with their booking. Planning and booking a holiday can be a pretty stressful endeavor anyway, so add in any type of ... Read More