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Connor Warriner is a Chicago-based graphic designer, film editor, photographer, chef, and fledgling guitarist. Enjoys strawberry shakes and riding a skateboard. Hates olives and when people leave without saying goodbye.

The Manor (Movie Review)

Hillbillies! Cults! Horned demons! Psychiatric wards! Axe murder! Incest! Puppetry! Flashbacks! Jonathan Schermerhorn’s The Manor, AKA Anders Manor, is what happens when a filmmaker stands in front of the soda fountain of Horror film clichés and decides to run down the line, taking a squirt of everything, ... Read More

Downrange (Movie Review)

Without “witty groups of passively attractive, culturally-diverse twenty-somethings on vacation,” the Horror genre might have died in the 1970s. Stuff a sensitive male model type, an aggressive bimbo, a naïve good girl, a quiet wildcard, a token black guy, and a doofy stoner into an ... Read More

Marrowbone (Movie Review)

When one walks through a forest and examines a tree up close, there is a marked uniqueness in the curves and bumps on the bark. From tree to tree, the nuances in growth patterns tell an infinitely complicated, but beautifully modest life story. With proximity, ... Read More

Spinning Man (Movie Review)

Often, when people use five-dollar vocabulary in common parlance, they wholeheartedly believe that everyone around them is impressed, attracted, or intimidated. Daniel Oppenheimer, a psychology professor from UCLA wrote a Princeton-published paper about how, contrary to popular belief, unnecessarily long words used conversationally actually makes ... Read More