Ace Frehley interview

Interview – Ace Frehley

Affectionately known as The Spaceman, Ace Frehley is a Rock-n-Roll legend from another stratosphere. Famously recalled a co-founder of KISS, and lead guitarist during their peak successful years, in the decades since his exit from the band have been chalked full of creativity. Launching his ... Read More
Disconnected (1984)

Disconnected – A Slash Gem 40 Years Later

By the time 1984 arrived, Horror had become one of the hottest subgenres of film out there. A time when the Slasher dominated the scene, 1978’s Halloween is probably the most responsible for the movement’s popularization. An independent classic by John Carpenter, it led the ... Read More
Zombi - Direct Inject

Zombi – Direct Inject (Album Review)

The soundtrack, while sometimes overlooked by the average consumer, is often the focal point of a film. Many times making or breaking the mood and emotions of happiness, sadness, triumph along with defeat, the music is imperative. Something Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra learned at ... Read More
Dion Girl Friends

Dion – Girl Friends (Album Review)

One of the most prolific artists in Rock-n-Roll history, Dion DiMucci has built a career which has transcended over seven decades! Not a typographical error, DiMucci, known famously as Dion, began his journey all the way back in 1957 with his group Dion and the ... Read More