Author: Diane Woodcheke

Journalist - Diane Woodcheke

Diane Woodcheke

Diane has had her eye on a camera viewfinder since she was very young. She specializes in Fine Art, Event, and Concert Photography. She is also a writer of concert and album reviews, as well as contributing various online publications such as CrypticRock.

[spacer height="20px"]Released back in May of 1988, concept album Operation: Mindcrime is one of Progressive Seattle, WA based band Queensrÿche's most well-known pieces of work. Gaining recognition right away among fans, its commercial success continues to grow more and more through the years. By the time they released...

The band everyone knows as Jefferson Starship sprouted in the early 1970s from the roots of legendary Rock band Jefferson Airplane. Led by Rhythm Guitarist Paul Kantner, Vocalist Grace Slick, and Vocalist/Guitarist David Freiberg, Jefferson Starship was a new beginning for the talented musicians. Hailing out...

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