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Emma Guido has a fervent passion for music and hopes to continue down a path of music journalism as she furthers her career. Emma has a wide variety of music tastes, ranging from Of Mice & Men to Amy Winehouse. More than anything, she loves to gain experience in the world of music and constantly improve her writing abilities.

Coldplay – Ghost Stories (Album review)

London natives Coldplay are the old pros in the alternative rock genre. Starting out in 1996 with rock influences, the band has continued to progress their music into the ambient sound it is today.  Becoming one of the best-selling music acts of all-time, Coldplay continues ... Read More

OneRepublic – Native (Album review)

OneRepublic has been one of the biggest alternative rock bands since 2007 and finally are back to prove they are here to stay with their third full-length record Native. This album is full of radio hits, irresistible hooks, and memorable melodies, all necessary elements to keep a band ... Read More

Beartooth – Disgusting (Album Review)

Metalcore heavyweights Beartooth have been the new hype of the music scene since the release of their debut album Disgusting. After the successful debut of their EP Sick, this first full-length album surpasses their already fantastic EP, coming in heavier, stronger, and more emotional. Lead ... Read More

Banner Pilot – Souvenir (Album review)

Punk rock pro’s Banner Pilot have been defining their classic sound since 2005. As they approach this year with their fourth album, Souvenir, they have no trouble keeping this style constant. Unfortunately, this lack of change or distinction is what drags the exciting intentions of ... Read More