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Night Shift / Quiver Distribution (2024)

Night Shift (Movie Review)

Released in select theaters and to VOD on March 8, 2024 through Quiver Distribution, Night Shift marks the directorial debut of twin brothers Ben and Paul China; better known as The China Brothers.   An exciting time for these two aspiring filmmakers, who made the ... Read More
The Ghost Writer 2024 movie

The Ghost Writer (Movie Review)

With many Psychological Horror films flooding the market nowadays, out comes the latest entry, The Ghost Writer. Released on February 13, 2024 through Dark Sky Films on Digital Platforms and VOD, the UK-based film is the work of Director Paul Wilkins (7 Lives 2011), and features ... Read More
The cover for spring lakes.

Spring Lakes (Movie Review)

For the uninitiated, the name Spring Lakes conjures images of a picturesque vacation getaway, but nothing could be further from the truth in the new Horror film of the same title. Released through Gravitas Ventures on VOD on January 16, 2024, herein lies an Psychological ... Read More