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Jack is a devoted husband and proud father of two. In college, he wrote for the school paper and graduated with a degree in English and History. Beyond his full-time job and taking care of his chronically ill wife, he has a passion for writing, literature, and film. Stories are his lifeblood and he loves to collect them, believing that many of life's truths are best delivered through fictions. He finds inspiration from nature, conflict, and his cockatiel Basil, who is bent on world domination.

Navy SEALS v Demons (Movie Review)

Only one team stands between sweet, sweet virgin blood, and the wicked schemes of diabolic hellions. Navy SEALS, Hooyah! Director Jeffrey Reyes (Invasion 2012, Trap Queen series), a long-time prop-master, brings viewers Navy SEALS v Demons. Written by the same team responsible for 2015’s Navy SEALS vs. Zombies, ... Read More

The Lawnmower Man – 25 Years Later

The evolution of technology in the 20th century was exponential, but perhaps none so much as within personal computing. Virtual Reality, often abbreviated to VR, where the user is fully immersed into an electronic environment, was not well-known until the late 1980s. Then in 1992, ... Read More