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Katherine has been living for music since she was a young teen. Using her B.A. in English Literature and (almost complete) M.A. in English and Creative Writing, she hopes to combine her penchant for Punk music and live shows with her passion for writing in order to make exciting content for fellow fans. On the side, she writes about her two other passions: books and video games. 

Children of the Corn (Movie Review)

Master of Horror Stephen King’s novels and short stories are primed for television and film adaptations. His 1977 short story Children of the Corn inspired more films and series than any other King piece, with Writer-Director Kurt Wimmer’s (Equilibrium 2002, Ultraviolet 2006) Children of the ... Read More

My Policeman (Movie Review)

Nothing is more valuable than time. There is tragedy in time wasted, particularly when that wasted time could have been spent with people you love. Director Michael Grandage (Red 2010, Genius 2016) explores time, love, and regret in My Policeman, an adaptation of Bethan Robert’s novel of ... Read More

Rogue Agent (Movie Review)

It is not uncommon for Spy Thrillers and romance to go hand in hand. Franchise films like James Bond or Mission: Impossible have mashed those two genres together in the minds of audiences. Rogue Agent, a new Spy Thriller from Co-Writers/Directors Declan Lawn and Adam ... Read More