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Kristin is anything but conventional. With an lust for travel and zeal for work, she can be found anywhere from strolling the streets of Montmartre, to setting up for a triathlon, or manning the door at her favorite Rock venue. Without music to guide her unruly desires, Kristin would be living the life ordinary; something she tends to stray from. Occasionally dabbling in the world of music journalism when the opportunity arises, she lives through passion and ambition, with some great tunes always trailing beside her.

Tei Shi – Crawl Space (Album Review)

Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, Singer-Songwriter Valerie Teicher has only been gifting her incredible talent to the world for only a short fragment of time now, although, she has already made an impression.  Known best by her stage name, Tei Shi, this Argentinian Indie Pop star transported ... Read More