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The Darkness – Pinewood Smile (Album Review)

Prepare to be amused, for The Darkness are back with their hilarious new album Pinewood Smile on Friday, October 6, 2017 through Cooking Vinyl. Even the title is a parody, Pinewood is the British Hollywood and the scene is very different from Los Angeles, California.  Their ... Read More

Hinder – The Reign (Album Review)

A lot has changed since Hinder formed as a band in 2001. Initially put together in Oklahoma by Vocalist Austin Winkler, Guitarist Joe Garvey, and Drummer Cody Hanson, following four successful albums, from their debut in 2005 Extreme Behavior to 2012’s Welcome to the Freakshow, Winkler ... Read More

Absolva – Defiance (Album Review)

Rising from the ashes of Fury UK after brother Luke Appleton joined the mighty Iced Earth to tour the world as their bassist, Absolva became a new vehicle for talented Guitarist/Vocalist Chris Appleton to conquer his own musical empire. With Martin Mcnee remaining loyal behind ... Read More

Alice Cooper – Paranormal (Album Review)

The Grand Master of Shock Rock, Mr. Alice Cooper, is back with his highly anticipated new release, Paranormal. His 27th studio album since the 1969 debut Pretties for You, he has consistently remained in the spotlight and, over 5 decades, he has horrified as well as delighted ... Read More