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Beware the Boogeyman / Breaking Glass Pictures (2024) art

Beware the Boogeyman (Movie Review)

Versions of the infamous Boogeyman have terrified the world for centuries, making it a long sought after, oft-used cinematic character/plot driver. Released on March 5, 2024 through Breaking Glass Pictures, Beware the Boogeyman looks to offer a different perspective to the usual creature feature. Co-written ... Read More
Road House 2024 movie poster

Road House (Movie Review)

Originally released in 1989, Road House became a beloved Action flick featuring an all star cast led by Patrick Swayze, but also featuring Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch, and Sam Elliott. Spawning the 2006 direct-to-video sequel, Road House 2, now the original cult classic becomes the latest to get ... Read More
Scream VI artwork

Scream VI (Movie Review)

What’s your favorite scary movie? Like many Horror fans, and even some of those who are not, the answer will likely be one of the Scream films. Beginning with the box office and critically acclaimed original Scream from 1996, introducing a killer named Ghostface, it ... Read More

Live or Let Die (Movie Review)

With the current state if the world, the end of times has likely never been on people’s minds as much as right now. Despite all our technology,  a pandemic turned the world upside down, control slipped from our fingers and anything became possible. Using our ... Read More

Monsters in the Closet (Movie Review)

Like R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps novels, wherein his stories take on lives of their own, life imitating art in the new film Monster in the Closet. The debut feature film from The Snygg Brothers, Monsters in the Closet, produced by Purgatory Blues LLC and distributed by ... Read More