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Roger is a Writer and Editor born and raised in New York City. A lifelong bibliophile, he spends most of his time delving into stories or honing his craft. When not flexing the pen, he can be found in any number of bars and coffee shops around New York, drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of stories and experiences that make up the greatest city in the world. His love of the written word is nearly matched by his affinity for Horror movies, and he can quote from the classics up to today's films. Holding strong convictions rooted deep in the religion of Metal, do not be surprised if you run into him, literally, in a circle pit during a Metal show somewhere in the city.

Natty Knocks (Movie Review)

Released on July 21st through Vertical, Natty Knocks marks the return of director Dwight H. Little to feature-length Horror for the first time since 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Additionally, it features a cast of well known names in Horror; this includes ... Read More

Site 13 (Movie Review)

Over the past decade or so there has been a massive uptick in adapting the works of Horror master H.P Lovecraft, not just in film, but seemingly all forms of entertainment in Horror and Sci-Fi. This near over saturation of his material is good for ... Read More

Unwelcome (Movie Review)

Folk Horror has seen a substantial resurgence in recent years, perhaps becoming the most popular sub-genre across all Horror mediums. One of the aspects that keeps it going is the vast array of cultural stories from all over the world, most of which contain creatures ... Read More

Pearl (Movie Review)

A good prequel ought to shed light on a story that has elements wanting to be discovered. Too often they are made for the sake of making more money, which might be a good business practice, but is not necessarily good for the prestige of ... Read More