Avril Lavigne Rocks The Paramount Huntington, NY 12-11-13

Over a decade has passed since Canadian pop rock singer Avril Lavigne burst into the scene. Starting out at 17 years old with the major success of her debut album, Let Go (2002), with so much experience to her name, it’s hard to believe Lavigne is a mere 29 years old . In the midst of her year ending 2013 tour, in support of her new album, Avril Lavigne (2013), the rocker made a stop at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on December 11th. A large crowd piled into the festively decorated Paramount to check out the show with special guests Patent Pending and This Is All Now.

First up were Long Islanders This Is All Now. This pop rock quintet consist of OkanKazdal (vocals), Jordan Caroleo (guitar), Louie Malpeli (guitar), Thomas Angenbroich (bass), and Mike Pittelli (drums). Making waves around Long Island these guys are spreading the word across the USA now. Playing show after, show This Is All Now is watching their fan base grow daily. To be able to open this bill on their home turf at The Paramount is a big step for the band and exciting for their fans. All pumped up and ready to go, This Is All Now blasted onto the stage. Their set was full of high energy and fun pop rock. Kazdal’s anthemic vocal approach grabbed a young audience and the band’s rock edge was enough to keep older fans interested. The crowd was bouncing around throughout the performance and proved This Is All Now are one entertaining band.

Next up were another local favorite, Patent Pending. With a following that is strong and passionate, Patent Pending are one Long Island’s premier pop punk rock bands. Consisting Joe Ragosta (vocals), Anthony Mingoia (drums), Marc Kantor (guitar), Rob Felicetti (guitar/vocals), and Corey DeVincenzo (bass), these guys have been together for over a decade rocking audiences all over the USA. Highlighting 2013 Patent Pending had an opening slot for Bowling For Soup on their farewell tour in the UK helping spread the word across the Atlantic. As the band took the stage a swell of cheers came from the crowd. Ragosta was in high gear from the moment the music started. Throughout the set Ragosta was running around, diving off of, and having a rousing good time on the stage. Showing their punk side the band’s lyrics are full of good fun and a keen sense of humor. Energy levels were through the roof on and off the stage with a spectacular feel good vibe. Patent Pending’s success is sure to continue with the full force release they bring to their fans each performance.

The blood was flowing and the audience was ready for Avril Lavigne. Lavigne came onto to the stage with her 5-piece band ready to rock. Things opened up with the newer track “Here’s to Never Growing Up”, causing fans to cheer in excitement. The set blasted off from there into a series of songs covering the earlier years of Lavigne’s career including, “Girlfriend”, “He Wasn’t”, and “Sk8erBoi“. The rhythm and spirit of the band was clear as they sounded extremely tight, transitioning from song to song with ease. Lavigne sang at a high level attacking each song with professionalism and pose. With smiles and a vibrant attitude Lavigne reached the audience not only through singing but engaging them with hand motions and eye contact.

The set went into a mix of newer tracks including the single “Rock N Roll”. The audience was attentive throughout the performance and erupted when hits “My Happy Ending”, “Complicated”, and “I’m with You” closed out the evening.

Through the 12 song set Lavigne kept a balance of pop tracks, rock tracks, and emotional ballads. Lavigne still continues to connect with a fan base of all ages exhibiting a young, upbeat, and rebellious persona. While some critics love to ridicule Lavigne the fact of the matter is she is still success all these years later and despite what some would have you think, she has grown as a song writer.

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