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Ayron Jones – Chronicles of the Kid (Album Review)

Aryon Jones 2023 Filthy

In recent years there have been few bright spots in the world of Rock-n-Roll, but one which should absolutely not be missed is Ayron Jones. A Seattle, Washington based singer-songwriter, Jones is an artist that presents razor sharp Hard Rock songs that beam of real-life experience and thoughtful insight. Feeling like a Blues artist with distorted guitars, Jones embodies Rock-n-Roll, Soul, Alternative Rock, and even some Hip Hop elements. After years of keeping his head down and plugging away, his talents at last caught the right attention, resulting in his signing to Big Machine Records in 2021.

From here, he quickly made an impact on mainstream Rock radio with songs like “Take Me Away” and “Mercy.” Turned heads, they led the way for Jones’ 2021 label debut, Child of the State. A lasting impression, Jones now returns in 2023 with his latest album Chronicles of the Kid.

Released on June 23rd, the album is really a massive step forward for this talented performer. Complete with ten tracks, it is immediately clear that Jones is not an immature man-child (like most of the modern world’s population) with a naïve or one-dimensional view of life. Something that was clear with material heard on Child of the StateChronicles of the Kid only amplifies these factors more. In enough words, the songs that make up this new album are full of deep, well-articulated feelings that are steps above much of what you hear out there today.

An album that was preceded by the funked rocker “Filthy,” other early tracks include the more Pop accessible, yet no less intense “Otherside,” extremely powerful “Blood in the Water,” and the inspiring “Title.” Each very unique sample of Chronicles of the Kid, what remains is raw, emotional bluesy Hard Rock. This is especially present with the grungy “Strawman,” no holds bar “My America,” and engaging “Living For The Fall.” The latter of this bunch is perhaps Jones at his ultimate best, where he speaks his mind, all while expressing heartfelt emotion both with his voice and guitar work.

In all, Jones is an artist who is who he is… take him or leave him. Urging you to take him, it is his type of rawness that modern music is wholly lacking. That in mind, his storytelling voice and his approach to presenting his music provokes you to think about what really matters in life. Furthermore, it reminds you to remember – we have one life to live, so make the most of it. A beacon of hope in modern Rock music, Cryptic Rock gives Chronicles of the Kid 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Ayron Jones - Chronicles of the Kid artwork
Ayron Jones – Chronicles of the Kid / Big Machine Records (2023)

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