Barb Wire Dolls – Desperate (Album Review)

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Barb Wire Dolls – Desperate (Album Review)

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With an increasingly impressive list of achievements, there are just some bands that grab your attention and never loosen its grip; for a group like Barb Wire Dolls, Greece has something to be proud of. With only six years under their belt, music and recognition come hand in hand. Having some of the most bangin’ Punk Rock jams of the decade, and not to mention a plethora of shining notable accomplishments, Barb Wire Dolls have just about climbed their way to the top, staying exclusive to their little, but mighty scene.

Releasing their first ever EP the same year of  their creation, the band quickly took off in a way that not many have before. Gaining notice from their hometown, Crete, Greece, while playing many shows and festivals, Barb Wire Dolls soon took their attention internationally; relocating to Los Angeles, California was one of the best decisions the band has ever made. Playing some of the hottest clubs and venues- The Roxy Theatre, Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, Doll Hut – the band took off on their wild careers, gaining all sorts of notable credibility along the way.

As if playing some legendary clubs was not enough, Barb Wire Dolls took Europe by storm, playing twelve different countries and selling out quite a bit, all while promoting their stellar sound and ambitious music. What is better than playing with some of the most noteworthy musicians of our time? Green Day, Blondie, Cheap Trick, The Damned, and Joan Jett all seem to know just who Barb Wire Dolls are, and that is not a bad thing; if it was not playing with these icons it was definitely getting noticed by them (Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Sonic Youth.) But 2015 took recognition to a whole new level when Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead signed the band to his label Motörhead Music, which went on to produce their new album, Desperate, released to the public as of July 22nd.

Barb Wire Dolls’ ten track magnum opus kicks off with “Drown,” a thrilling introduction to the band and everything they stand for. Screaming Punk Rock, this track is exciting and indulgent. One that is totally head-bang worthy, this piece is a perfect start to Desperate. Taking it to the next level, “Surreal” shows the wide range of talent spread throughout the band. With members Isis Queen (vocals), Pyn Doll (guitar), Krash Doll (drums), Iriel Blaque (bass), and Remmington (guitar), all tracks are perfectly put together with just the right balance of angst from each part of the band.

Toning this attribute down a bit, “Take Me Home” is just a tad softer than the first two tracks; starting out mellow and then slowly crescendoing throughout. Warranting its place on the album, this song is brilliant in its own way. Continuing on with “Heart Attack,” this track is definitely the tour-de-force of Desperate. Thoroughly catchy and sounding right out of ’90s Grunge, this track is fast-paced and full of need, or desperation one could say.

Being the title track off of the album, “Desperate” is fierce, definitive, and surprising. With riffs that will stick in one’s brain, and lyrics that are cleverly written, this song will be a favorite for all those listening. Up next, “Blind To Your Misery” is just as powerful as the track before. Great lyrics and instrumentation, there is nothing that could have been better about this piece. Taking a shift in the album, “I Will Sail” takes the tempo and overall feel of the album down a couple notches. A full-blown upbeat Rock ballad, this track is beautifully written and performed with an intense raw energy that is sometimes hard to hear in past tracks.

Now fully grasped with attention, “Darby Crash” picks up the tempo once again, sending listeners into a fury of Punk Rock. Raising the bar for the last couple of tracks, this song is a sure favorite for those who are listening to Desperate. Followed by “Problem Of The Poet,” this piece features a whole lot of feedback, in true Punk style. A song to get lost in, anyone will become a fan of Barb Wire Dolls. Closing out with “Rhythm Method,” this track is the perfect way to grab the listener’s attention one final time.

Kicking Punk Rock back to its roots, Barb Wire Dolls continue to do a bang-up job when it comes to music. Through starting out with nothing and putting everything into a passion, dreams were reached and killer music was made. With the world at their fingertips, there is no telling what will come next, but it is sure to be just as incredible as the last. CrypticRock gives Barb Wire Dolls’ Desperate 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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