Bay Ledges – Fountain Tropical (EP Review)

Sometimes certain things inexplicably take off. That is exactly what happened to Bay Ledge’s self-released single “Safe” off their latest EP, Fountain Tropical. It is no surprise why this tune from LA-based brother-sister duo Zach and Georgina Hurd racked up over three million plays on Spotify – ”Safe” is catchy as hell.

With relatable lyrics, Electronic influences, and a hooky acoustic guitar, Bay Ledges clearly have a knack for making infectious, mellow tracks that feel quintessentially Californian. What else would one expect from an EP called Fountain Tropical? This delightful follow-up to the duo’s debut EP was released on August 18th through S-Curve Records and each of its five tracks offer something special for listeners.

Opening track “Straight Jacket” kicks off with an amusing blooper that lets listeners know that Bay Ledges are here to have a good time. The song itself is about as beachy as humanly possible. Packed with echoing guitars and a simple plunking piano beat, “Straight Jacket” is a fun, chill track that would make a perfect soundtrack for some summer driving with the windows rolled down.

Continuing with that summery theme is “June.” Bay Ledges describe themselves as Glitchy Pop, and that description is most apparent in this sweet track when the Electronic influences start to meld with the bright Indie Pop. After a few listens, you are sure to find yourself singing along to Zach’s unique vocal stylings.

Georgina takes the reins on “Perfect,” which is easily the best track on Fountain Tropical. Driven by a grooving bass line and Georgina’s dulcet vocals, “Perfect” is, well, a perfect Indie Pop song. It is a wonder that “Perfect” is the only Fountain Tropical track on which Georgina takes the lead. Her vocals are stellar, and the rest of the EP would have greatly-benefitted from having her be front-and-center more often.

“In Your Head” closes out Fountain Tropical with a soft and mellow swirl of electronic and acoustic guitars. Zach’s vocals are hushed and sweet, the production is lush and layered, and the lyrics are made for singing along to. Though “In Your Head” musically seems as though it is an opposing track when compared to “Straight Jacket” or “Safe,” this promising young band still manage to create a cohesive EP that deserves attention. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives Bay Ledges’ Fountain Tropical 4 out of 5 stars.

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