Beneath (Movie Review)

Beneath is the latest Horror movie to be released by Elevative Entertainment and Revolver Picture Company in coordination with IFC Midnight on July 25, 2014 in the United States. Written by Patrick Doody (Ghostfacers 2010, NHL Awards 2014), Chris Valenziano (Scream Awards 2011, Life is Sweet 2013) and directed by Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night: Dark Days 2010, Chosen 2013), Beneath tells the story of Samantha Marsh (Kelly Noonan: Haunt 2013, Road to Paloma 2014), who left her home town for New York to become an Environmental Lawyer and loves her new life. She goes back home to celebrate her father George’s (Jeff Fahey: The Lawnmower Man 1992, Planet Terror 2007) forthcoming last day working in the coal mines. They spend the evening drinking at a local bar and the men tease Sam and offer her a challenge, to go down in the mine with them early the next morning for her father’s last day not thinking she would accept, though she does.

Still from Beneath
Still from Beneath

Early the next day Randy (Joey Kern: Chosen 2013, Workaholics 2014), Masek (Eric Etebari: 2 Fast 2 Furious 2003, Cellular 2004), Mundy (Brent Briscoe: Mulholland Drive 2001, The Dark Knight Rises 2012), Torres (Kurt Caceres: NCIS: Los Angeles 2013, Dexter 2013), and Sam tease each other as they head down the mine. They are not down there long before there is a loud rumbling and the tunnels start caving in. They all have minor injuries except for Mundy who has a very badly broken leg. They have to enter the emergency container, which has oxygen tanks, water, and first aid supplies. Stuck deep underground, the group try not to panic when they realize they will not be rescued for seventy-two hours. Initially they all remain calm and hopeful, but not long into their stay in the container, Sam starts seeing strange terrifying images and they hear strange noises outside. The group leaves Sam and Mundy in the container and go and investigate.

Still from Beneath
Still from Beneath

Masek and Torres look through a small tunnel they did not know was there, but only one of them makes it out alright. It becomes clear that they are not alone and whatever is with them is trying not only to mess with their heads, but wants to rip them limb from limb. Alone, in the dark with lights that fail intermittently, the crew starts running out of ideas on how to get out of there, unless they try and blow a hole through a wall, which might be counter-productive. One by one, the group gets picked off by an unseen force. When it decides to be seen, it is far too horrifying to fathom. Those that are left still alive start becoming irrationally angry at each other and they too start becoming taken over by the evil that is down in the mine. Dark beneath the earth is as terrifying as deep dark space; all alone in the murky empty darkness, feeling their way helplessly around between blood and bodies, six-hundred meters down, far away from help.

Still from Beneath
Still from Beneath

Sam must try to keep her sanity while fighting for her life and keeping her father, who is getting progressively sicker, safe. She can trust no one and she cannot tell where the next danger will come from. Strength and determination keep pushing Sam, George, and Randy to stick together and find a way out. Will they all survive? Frighteningly based on a true story, Beneath has a dark moody feel and sucks the viewer in from the beginning right to the end. There are no slow moments and has a surprise twist at the end. A good solid story, well-acted with a small cast, Beneath contains great special effects with similarities to the movie The Descent (2006 ); a must watch for Horror fans. CrypticRock gives Beneath 5 out of 5 stars.

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