Between Worlds (Movie Review)

Between Worlds (Movie Review)

What would you do if you had the ability to communicate with the dead? A thought that may terrify some, for others, it may be a chance for reconciliation or closure. Written, directed, and co-produced by Maria Pulera (Falsely Accused 2016), Between Worlds offers a look into how opening up the door to the world of supernatural could have its flaws. 

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Picked up for distribution by Saban Films/Lionsgate, and set for release On Demand Tuesday, December 18th, as well in select theaters Friday, December 21st, Between Worlds is a bizarre story of a woman named Julia (Franka Potente: The Bourne Identity 2002, Taboo series) who has the ability to connect with those about to cross over to the other side. A mysterious power, she can only do so when she has a near death experience herself. Keeping her talent to herself, she is then faced with her own daughter, Billie (Penelope Mitchell: Hemlock Grove series, Curve 2015), whom was in a nasty motorcycle accident, laying in a coma in the hospital.

Eager to save her daughter, she enlists a truck driver named Joe (Nicolas Cage: Moonstruck 1987, Face/Off 1997) to help out. The catch is Joe has to choke the life out of Julia in order for her to fade into the unknown to snatch Billie away from the spirit world. Unfortunately, what Julia does not know about Joe is he has a little bit of a heavy past, and that someone other than Billie may be waiting for her on the other side looking for a way back to the land of the living. Has a recipe for disaster been unhatched? Has something evil been conjured up?

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A Supernatural Thriller, Between Worlds does offer a unique story to other films of its kind out there. A mix of ghosts, possession, and heart-aching drama, it does a good job of providing an interesting look at the lives of two kindred spirits in Joe and Julia. Immediately connecting upon their meeting, the characters almost seem as if they were destined to find one another. Tragically, the result of their paths crossing is not what either may have hoped for. 

Joe, by no length of the imagination, is a broken man, but seemingly one with good intentions. Dealing with the undying pain of losing both his wife and young daughter, he seems to want to help Julia with no hidden agenda attached. Then there is Julia, a strong woman who also is a seemingly good person. Falling for Joe, after only being perfect strangers, through whatever drama unfolds, she always keeps her daughter Billie’s best interests as her priority.  

These matters in mind, Between Worlds has a good pace and enough twists and turns that make it enjoyable viewing from start to finish. With a relatively small cast, Nicolas Cage and  Franka Potente do a fantastic job as leading actors, while Penelope Mitchell excels in her portrayal of Billie. This is while Maria Pulera does a nice job of fitting secondary characters such as Garrett Clayton’s (Teen Beach Movie 2013, The Fosters series) Mike into the fabric of the film, making him equally as important in the final outcome. 

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All in all good performances, a solid story, and the clear direction of Between Worlds makes it well worth sitting down to watch. The right balance of drama, emotion, and supernatural tension, Cryptic Rock gives it 4 out of 5 stars. 

Saban Films/ Lionsgate

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